Choti Sarrdarrni 7th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Meher, Sarab and Harleen plans to find Vikram’s true intentions

The daily episode begins with Param requesting Sarab what he’s seeing him. He threatens him pointing Karan. He’s watching Aditi & Vikram photos in laptop. Param requests for a sister & Sarab smiles. Sarab states that just like Karan, Meher going to give a sister.

Param too requests for sister to Meher & Harleen smiles. Harleen agrees with Param & requests them to think regarding it.

Meher sends Param to play with Karan as they’ve something to debate. Harleen states Sarab that from as of now Vikram shouldn’t enter the home with any reason be it Aditi’s fiance (or) his own friend.

Kulwant indirectly taunts Vikram regarding his own fraud puncture & Vikram imparts it back within the same way.

Vikram sees the river where they threw Manav into & calls it beautiful. Kulwant mocks him & Vikram states that she’s talking as in case she wants to throw him into the river.

Kulwant calls it a joke. Vikram notices Kulwant’s purse & maintains a microphone in her purse. He gets down from that car informing that his own work (5) is over. Kulwant gets suspicious & Vikram gets in his own car.

He requests to switch on the recorder as he kept the microphone.

Sarab states that even he observed the photos & identified that they’ve some of the problems. However he states that fight happens between each couple & requests them to know. He states that Aditi doesn’t have anybody different than them within the globe.

Sarab states that he’ll personally call them & sort out their own problems. He requests for their own help & extends his own hands ahead of them. Kulwant hurries into her home calling Bittu. It takes time for him to gain the recorder prepared.

Harleen states Sarab that she’s always in his own side. The set up gets prepared & he begins hearing Kulwant’s voice. Kulwant states that he spoke regarding the river.
They’re regarding to debate Manav when Yuvi comes there. Dadi gets happy seeing him & Yuvi requests for sweets & chocolates sent by Meher. Rana requests Yuvi to go inside as they’ve something important to debate. Dadi imparts her purse to Yuvi to take (2) whatever is there within the purse.
Sarab states that he’ll definitely locate out in case Vikram is deceiving Aditi. He states that in case he gets to really know that he’s utilizing Aditi he’ll not leave him in any cost.
Meher states that just how going to he locate out as Vikram going to never say the fact from his own mouth. Sarab states that he’s going to make him drunk to reveal his own fact. Meher requests just how’s it possible for him to gain drunk alone in their own home.
Sarab states that he’s going to act like getting drunk with him utilizing apple juice.

Harleen & Meher mock his own acting & calls it a stupid schedule & leaves. Meher calls Sarab for dinner when Sarab acts like a drunkard.

She catches his own act in a moment & reports Harleen. Sarab utilizes filmy dialogs & indirectly requests Meher to smile in case she loves him.

Meher understands what he’s informing & smiles acknowledging her love for him.

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