Chris Distefano Net Worth 2023


Laughing is the best therapy they say, and you don’t have to be a therapist to make people laugh. Chris Distefano, a great comedian who has been filling people’s hearts with joy and faces with smiles since the year 2009 and is still actively doing the same. He uses observational humor to make his audience giggle and laugh till they lose their breath.

Want to know more about Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano popularly known as Chrissy D? This article will give you all brief details that you might want to know about him.

About Chris Distefano

Chrissy D is an American comedian, who has acted in a few films, recorded and posted podcasts, and mainly works as a standup comedian. His fans also call him High Energy Comic, as he acts about people from his life in a very energetic manner. He has performed in almost every top comedy club in the city of New York.

Currently, he is working with MTV2 in the shows called GuyCode and GirlCode.

He is 36 years old and is a Virgo, born on 26th August.

Early Life And Family

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Our favorite comedian spent his childhood in Ridgewood, Queens where he finished high school and got his degree as well.

Later, he studied Psychology at St. Stephens College, and after that completed a Ph.D. degree in physical therapy. He did all this to impress his mother and her friends.

Wondering how he reached comedy from being a doctor?

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He started performing in 2009 and gradually started loving making people smile. So he started hosting stand-up comedy programs in a comedy club as well, some of those include Fencing masters, March Madness, and many more.

Talking about his personal life, he dated a fellow comedian Carly Aquilino, who was also a co-star in the show GirlCode right at the beginning of his journey towards success, in the year 2010. But they broke off in 2014. Later he married Jazzy, a Zumba instructor and now they have a daughter who was born in 2015, Delilah. Information about his father, mother, and siblings is not known by anybody.

Career And Major Milestones

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1. He started working with MTV in the year 2012, where he was seen in many different comedy shows all over the channel.
2. In the year 2014, he recorded a half an hour special episode which streamed on the comedy central channel.
3. He was an anchor as well in a few stage shows.
4. He loves performing and going on tours to spread his humor all around the globe.
5. He hosts many podcasts as well, which are loved by all the listeners.

Facts That You Didn’t Know About Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano

He has a doctorate in the field of physical therapy but ended up giving laughter therapy to the public.
He has a 6-year-old daughter. His comedy special: 38 waist was a super hit.

Net Worth

His net worth to be estimated is around 3 million dollars. His major source of income is through TV shows and some special episodes on various comedy channels.