Coke enters the immunity-boosting beverages category

New Delhi(DL): Beverage main Coca-Cola India(In) on Tue. unveiled 2 new brands to mark its entry into the nascent immunity-boosting beverages category in India(In).

Accordingly, the firm under its master brand Minute Housemaid presented 2 new products that claim to deliver some daily vital nutrition requirements, extracted from fruits grown by Indian farmers.

Aside from allowing the firm’s entry into the immunity-boosting category, the new products – Minute Housemaid Nutriforce & Minute Housemaid Vita Punch – are also in-line with its measures to advance beverage localisation.

“Our long-term strategy entails providing extra & extra fruit-based beverages in-line with user preferences”

stated T. Krishnakumar, President, Coca-Cola India(In) & South-west Asia.

“The extension of our portfolio of nutritious juices under Minute Housemaid is now in line with our aim to nourish each Indian & becomes India(In)’s 1st choice in fruit nutrition.”

Furthermore, the firm stated that extension of the Minute Housemaid brand with the introduction of the new beverages also underlines Coca-Cola India(In)’s target on the ‘Fruit Notice Economy’ initiative, enabling farmers to rise their own yield by sourcing fruits to start fruit-based beverages.

Currently, Coca-Cola India(In) has dedicated an investment of $ billion towards making a ‘Fruit Notice Economy’ to aid the Indian agri-ecosystem till 2024.

Apart from the strategy to cope with the epidemic, the firm has also dedicated initial help of over INR 100 cr for contributing the health-care system & communities to fight the COVID-19 & include its spread.

Currently, the firm offers a range of beverages, involving Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Thums Up, Fanta, Limca & Sprite, amongst remaining.

In addition, the Coca-Cola India(In) system gives direct employment to 25,000 citizens & indirect employment to over 150,000 citizens.