Congress leaves Washington with no deal in sight; Trump pushes for more COVID-19 relief

Washington(WA), August 15 : US President Donald Trump urged for extra COVID-19 relief to households & small companies after congressional lawmakers left Washington(WA) with no deal in sight.

“I’ve instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to gain prepared & send direct payments of $3400 for a family (4) of 4 to all Americans, Democrats are holding this up,” Trump stated in a press conference on Fri., adding he’s also prepared to send extra amount to support small companies wound by this epidemic, & state & regional govts, Xinhua press agency recorded.

Inquired by journalists whether he’d take (2) unilateral action on these problems (or) await for the legislative package, Trump responded: “I’m awaiting for the Democrats to approve it, okay?”

Both chambers of Congress have left for their own Aug recesses & aren’t awaited to repatriate till Sep unless they strike a COVID-19 relief deal.

Negotiations between Democratic chiefs & White Home authorities collapsed last week, with both sides blaming every different for creating little progress on the much-needed relief package.

In an trying to circumvent Congress, Trump last Sat. signed a show of executive orders to extend specific COVID-19 economic relief, however they’re unlikely to give a meaningful boost to the total economy.

“A closer look in these orders suggests they’ll have in finest marginal economic benefits even in case fully executed, that is questionable given the legality of the orders & the likely court problems,” Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, wrote in an analysis previously this week.

Zandi estimated that these orders can give just over US $400 billion in overall relief, however the US economy needs a financial aid package costing at the least US $1.five trillion to avoid falling back into recession, on the basis of simulations of Moody’s macroeconomic model.

After rebounding firmly in May & Jun, US economic activity has started to slow from Jul as some of the states have paused their own re-opening schedules (or) re-imposed constraints on some of the operations because of the resurgence of COVID-19 instances.

“The resurgence in COVID-19 instances & subsequent pullback in activity have already started. Postpones to aid by Congress going to exacerbate the slowdown in Aug,” stated Diane Swonk, chief economist in Grant Thornton, a main accounting company.