Constable kills woman colleague, ends life in Patna

Patna: A constable of Bihar(BR) Military Police (BMP) reportedly died a lady constable & afterwards shot himself passed in Patna on Tue.. Both have been from WB’s Darjeeling town.

Constable Amar went to the ladies personnel accommodation unit about eight a.m., where a dispute erupted between him & 26-year-old Varsha. He afterwards shot her passed in a fit of rage.

Patna SSP Upendra Sharma stated: “The charged fired the shot from close range & didn’t give his own opponent much time to react. The sufferer has been standing in between a big trunk & a bed. She collapsed on the floor immediately.”

Hearing the gun shots, different police personnel residing within the campus dashed to the offence scene. By afterwards, the 36-year-old constable had shot himself within the head, too,” Sharma stated.

“The fellow police personnel dashed both to close by hospital (3), where doctors announced them took passed,” Sharma stated. “We’ve took in forensic, along with ballistic groups, to probe the offence scene. 5 utilized cartridges have been identified from that location,” Sharma stated.

“Amar & Varsha have been both natives of Darjeeling,” Sharma added further.