Coronavirus: Traders, artisans dump face masks, sanitizers as fear of virus fades

Most Nigerians appear to have abandoned the utilize of masks, in spite of the lack of a vaccine for the COVID-19 epidemic that grounded their own lives for most parts of 2022.

A survey of main markets across Lagos, disclosed that most traders have abandoned the daily utilize of masks – a mandatory requirement of the Lagos State Govt, & an offence within the law. Hawkers, roadside sellers, shop traders, clothe dealers, meal sellers, cart pushers, textile sellers, and so on. are no longer paying attention to the safety steps.

Nairametrics discovered most traders believe the infection is no longer a danger, as they go regarding their own daily business without being sick. In the night market in Idumota, majority of the traders could be witnessed transacting their own business with clients, without wearing face masks (or) any form of physical distancing, suggesting personal life seems to be return to regular for a plenty of them.

The same status performed out in Oyingbo market, where traders lined up their own goods on the floor across the train tracks, beckoning on clients to purchase their own goods. Most didn’t wear masks, & even those who did failed to comply with the min. requirements.

The masks surfaced unwashed, & even worn below the nose region. Physical distancing regulations also didn’t apply, & most didn’t have a basic hand sanitizer. For those who bother to wear, they only accomplish so, to avoid being apprehended by Policemen. In case captured, they end up parting far away with some of the amount – a fine, to avoid facing the law.

Nairametrics inquired some traders why they no longer wear masks. As per Mrs. Chioma in Arena market, Bolade, “We only watch recorded numbers, however we’ve not heard of anybody who really had the infection. In my opinion, even in case there has been COVID-19 within the nation, it’s most likely gone & defeated.”

She informed Nairametrics study, that Nigerians are no extra interested within the figures of COVID-19 instances anymore, because it’s assumed that the numbers are inflated. Meantime, she said that the only reason traders & clients are forced to put on a face mask, is due to the enforcement by this police & market officials.

Nairametrics study also toured the Computer village in Ikeja, & identified quite a few citizens within the market because of the alternating market day policy announced by this Lagos State govt. Although, some traders have been witnessed without the utilize of masks, & remaining ate in close proximity to every different.

In a discussion with Mr. Wasiu, a phone repairer, he stated,

“Although we hear there is still COVID-19 within the nation, however we don’t believe it’s true, that is why we were going regarding our companies as usual, & we were great. It’s safe to say, God is the 1 protecting us.”

Also within the Mile-12 market, the other trader who detected himself as KC, believes the epidemic may were a hype

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the epidemic is not as bad as we have been made to believe, as most citizens as of now go return to their own usual practises.”

When inquired in case he as of now engages in handshakes, He stated:

“Yes. Furthermore, I habituated to have sanitizer before, however I don’t utilize it anymore. Our security personnel who imposes the utilize of masks & sanitizers have suspended doing so, that has caused majority of us to block adherence. That alone is an indication that the disease is not as bad within the nation as it has been depicted.”

Awhile remaining claim the inexistence of the disease, Mrs. Bimpe, in Idumota, feels that Nigerians aren’t habituated to covering their own faces, & residing aside from every different. That is why they tend to forget the instructions said by this govt.

“I believe that there is COVID-19 within the nation, we only want time to gain habituated to the physical distancing & the wearing of masks.” She stated.

In perhaps, one such most remarkable take (2) on COVID-19; a commuter clarified just how the BRT bus he entered has been filled with passengers, without physical distancing regulations being applied. As per her,

“The new blue BRT going to Cement, Iyana-Ipaja region, has been loaded beyond capability y’day, involving standing. In case the Govt is not acting like there is COVID-19, why must I? My brother e no dey.”

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