Covid-19 pandemic could be over within 2 years: WHO

Geneva, August 22 : Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-Gen. of the Globe Health Company (WHO), stated that the ongoing global COVID-19 epidemic can be over in 2 yrs..

Solving a virtual press briefing from Geneva on Fri., the WHO chief stated that the Spanish flu of 1918 had also taken 2 yrs. to overcome, however current advances in technology can enable the globe to suspend the COVID-19-19 epidemic “in a shorter time”, the BBC recorded.

“Of course with extra connectiveness, the infection has a best opportunity of spreading,” he stated.

“However simultaneously, we’ve also the technology to block it, & the knowledge to block it,” he stated, stressing the importance of “domestic unity, global solidarity”.

During this briefing, Tedros also responded to a query regarding corruption related to personal protective equipment (PPE), that he described as “offender”.

“Any type of corruption is objectionable,” he stated.

“Although, corruption linked to PPE… for me it’s really killing. Because in case health labour work (5) without PPE, we’re risking their own lives. & that also risks the lives of the citizens they service,” the BBC quoted the Director-Gen. as informing.

Tedros also stated that the epidemic has given new impetus to the want to accelerate measures to respond to climate alter, Xinhua press agency.

“During biography, outbreaks & pandemics have turned economies & societies, this 1 going to be no various.”

Noting that the global health criris “has given us a glance of our globe as it can be: cleaner skies & rivers… Apartment back best means apartment back greener”.

In May, WHO posted its Manifesto for a Healthy Recovery from COVID-19-19, with 6 policy prescriptions for a healthy & green recovery — protecting nature, investing in water & sanitation, fostering healthy meal systems, transitioning to renewable energy, apartment liveable cities, & stopping subsidies on fossil fuels.

From afterwards, over 40 mln health professionals from 90 nations have sent a letter to G20 chiefs, calling for a healthy recovery from that epidemic.

The WHO chief reiterated that “COVID-19-19 is a once-in-a-century health crises. However and also imparts us a once-in-a-century chance to shape the globe our kids going to inherit – the globe we need”.

As of Sat., the total no. of global COVID-19 instances stood in 22,864,873, awhile the fatalities rose to 797,787.