COVID-19 pandemic “once in a century”, but still “in our hands”: WHO

Geneva, August 4 : The chief of the Globe Health Company (WHO) stated that the COVID-19 epidemic is “a once-in-a-century health crises,” however it’s still “in our hands.”

WHO Director-Gen. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated in a virtual press conference on Mon. that the globe has never witnessed anything like this epidemic for decades, & its impacts might last for decades extra, Xinhua press agency recorded.

“From we initiated probably recording, this is the 1st ever coronavirus-caused epidemic that has 2 dangerous combinations: it moves fast, & simultaneously it’s a killer,” the WHO chief clarified.

Although, he observed, though the crises is quite serious, there have been still services & hopes.

“I’m not informing there is no resolution as of now. Whatever happens within the next quite a few mos (or) yrs., I also believe that it’s in our hands,” he stated.

“From the outburst initiated, numerous nations have shown that it could be controlled, (or) severe transmission could be suppressed,” Tedros stated, adding that he’s mentioned numerous such nations in the last, involving Spain, Italy, China & South Korea.