COVID patient goes missing from King Koti Govt Hospital

Hyderabad(Hyd): A 49-year-old person who has been confessed to King Koti hospital (3) after being tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19 went missing on Wed..
He has been detected as K Simha Chary, a native of Injipur in Ibrahimpatnam. Simha Chary works as a lab technician in a private engineering(engr.) college in Meerpet. He has been confessed to the hospital (3) with COVID-19 signs & thereafter tested positive(+ve).

Awhile Chary has been undergoing medication, his own 75-year-old mom Sambamma passed away & none of his own family (4) reported him regarding the demise. Although, a relative reported Chary regarding his own mom’s demise & he shortly left the hospital (3).