COVID patients shifted to hospital in garbage van

Hyderabad(Hyd): In yet the other incident in that inhuman medication has been meted out to COVID sufferers, 3 COVID-19 positive sufferers have been shifted to the hospital (3) in a garbage van in Nellimarla town of Vizianagaram dist. of AP.

A video footage of the 3 sufferers boarding a garbage van went viral, following that opposition parties commanded by this Telugu Desam Party (TDP), lashed out in the govt blaming it of not doing sufficient for those contaminated within the epidemic.

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A probe into the incident was instructed by Vizianagaram Dist. Medical & Health Official Dr Ramana Kumari.

Publishing the video footage on twitter, previous chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu wrote: “Appalling! 3 COVID-19 sufferers in BC Colony, Jarjapupeta in Vizianagaram Dist.

have been witnessed taken to the hospital (3) in a “Garbage vehicle”.Don’t really know regarding COVID-19, however the helpless sufferers might contract different dangerous diseases.Why are they not being handled like humans?”.

As per Tribune India(In), the incident took place on Sat. when the 3 members of a family (4) have been moved to a hospital (3) in garbage van when ambulance didn’t approach.

Residents informed that the family (4) had to utilize the garbage van when 108 ambulance didn’t respond after calling. The 3 sufferers had gone under COVID-19 tests previously within the week & their own results went out to be positive.

Although, Primary Health Center medical official Gayatri Devi said shortly after learning regarding the sufferers from volunteers.

the ambulance has been sent, although the regional locals mobilised a garbage van from that regional municipal body before the vehicle can approach there.

The vehicle has been stated to be habituated to carry Sodium Hypochlorite & different items for burying the COVID-19 sufferers, Nellimarla Nagar Panchayat Commissioner J. R. Appala Naidu informed.

Previously a doctor in Telangana (TL) had drove a tractor to shift a COVID-19 sufferer’s body for burial.