Crocodile spotted in Hyderabad’s Musi river

Hyderabad(Hyd), September 18 : A crocodile has been spotted on the bed of Musi river on Thu., sending panic in Puranapul & surrounding regions within the old city of Hyderabad(Hyd).

A regional citizen identified the crocodile resting on the river bed & cautioned the police. A huge no. of curious onlookers came together on the banks of the river, causing traffic jam within the busy Puranapul region.

The police cautioned the forest dept., that deputed a tandem. The operation to capture the crocodile going to reopen on Fri..

It’s suspected that the crocodile made its way into the river from Himayat Sagar (or) Osman Sagar, the 2 reservoirs upstream.

The reptile has been identified within the river a day after the city got heavy rainfall. The river, that has almost dried up, receives some of the inflows throughout monsoon.