Cyberabad cops bust fuel dispensing machines tampering gang

Hyderabad(Hyd): The Special Activities Tandem (SOT) have apprehended a mechanic who has been tampering the fuel dispensers & deceiving the people around the nation.

Police Commissioner Cyberabad VC Sajjanar reported that Sk Subhani Basha a mechanic by profession is expertise in programming the integrated circuit in the fuel dispensers.

He reported that the mechanic has been identified to have installed IC chips in fuel dispensing machines that helped manipulting the number of fuel dispensed to the clients.stated the gang had tampered with fuel dispensing machines in 33 fuel stations in TS & AP in the past 1 yr..

Aside from arresting the mechanic, the SOT also detained 3 remaining engaged within the scam awhile 7 remaining, involving proprietors of some of the fuel stations, are escaping. Police Commissioner reported that the detained people are detected as Sk Baji Baba, M Shankar, & Malleshwar Rao, all natives of Eluru in AP.