Data shows Black people arrested at disproportionately higher rate in Pierce County,

In Pierce County, new statistics demonstrated law enforcement detain black citizens in a disproportionately higher rate than different races.

As per county statistics, black citizens portray roughly 5 per cent of the public, however they make up over 17 per cent of arrests.

“We look in Black (or) African American arrests around the overall county, & each single city has a higher detain rates than the public in the city,” stated Councilmember Marty Campbell, who portrays Dist. 5. “Bonney Lake, Dupont, Edgewood, Fife, Fircrest, Gig Harbour. I can go using the whole list.”

City Council has been introduced this review Wed. that studied racial disparities in the justice system in Pierce County.

County Executive Bruce Dammeier described the review as “a look in our offender justice practises & policies to make sure & to review the fairness, the just nature & equitability of our offender justice system.”

Within the review, county employees suggested each deputy be harnessed with body cameras, along with hire offers that reflect the county.

Sheriff Paul Pastor stated he advocates for the utilize of body & dash cameras.

“I approve of this,” Pastor stated. “I need it to happen. My citizens need it to happen.”

In the context of the review, the Council formed a citizen committee, chaired by retired judge Frank Cuthbertson, to address the problems surrounding race & the justice system.

“We’d an idea of what the statistics has been going to show. However as of now we’ve had the courage to take (2) it return to the society, [ask] what accomplish you think, just how could we enhance, & I think that’s a main step for this society,” stated Cuthbertson.

Cuthbertson provided nearly 20 yrs. as a judge for the Pierce County Superior Court.

“When I has been a judge in court, you can watch it,” stated Cuthbertson. “On Fri., you could watch the amount of African Americans is not proportionate to the public. We can watch the effect on young kids & families. So we’ve being taking steps in Pierce County to try & rectify the inequities within the justice system.”

Cuthbertson, citing prior alter to the juvenile justice system, stated he’s confident the County could make real alter on this problem, as well.

He stated the county conducted roughly 135 children per day in detention in Remann Hall within the 1980s. He stated Fri. they as of now average roughly 20 juveniles in detention.

“I’m optimistic that we could accomplish different positive things as we look closely in this statistics,” Cuthbertson stated.

Cuthbertson stated the committee going to be made up of 2 residents from every of the County’s dists.

Their own 1st gathering is set for September. 23.

He stated he hopes to give the county with a final record & recommendations by mid-Nov.

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