Despite ban, devotees are bent upon immersing Ganesh idols in Hussain Sagar

Hyderabad(Hyd): It seems that devotees of Lord Ganesha are in no mood to heed the city police’s caveat on the ban of idol immersions, as multiple citizens were immersing idols in Hussain Sagar Lake for the past 3 days.

Policemen published on the Tank Bund are looking the different way when the devotees are within the procedure of immersion of the idols. It has been evident that the police weren’t interested in picking up an argument with the devotees those have come to Tank Bund of Hussain Sagar with a made-up mind.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the state govt has stated that it’d not permit immersions, idol installations in people places as it’s a risk to citizens’s health.

On Mon. in the evening, the Tank Bund main road has been hit by a traffic jam, as multiple citizens lined up there to put their own idols into the historical lake. Besides, physical distancing & different COVID-19 instructions went for a toss, as numerous devotees weren’t wearing masks & bringing kids & along with the elderly with them.

Each yr., large number of idols are immersed into the lake, as citizens sing & make merry during this celebrations. Previous year alone regarding 60,000 small, medium & big idols have been immersed within the lake starting within the in the morning until late night.

This yr. too because of the immersions, sides of the lake have been packed with plastic bags, flower petals & different pooja material. The railing of the Tank Bund Bridge also had plastic bags cunning. All this in spite of the Telangana (TL) govt prohibiting the immersion of Ganesh idols. Even although there have been no cranes to help the immersions, devotees still identified a way to dump their own bags of religious material around the lake.

“We were requesting citizens not immerse idols (or) dump waste within the lake. However just some of us were deployed here. In case we block 1 human in 1 end, someone comes from that different & empties their own bags into the lake,” stated an exasperated Greater Hyderabad(Hyd) Municipal Corporation (GHMC) sanitation worker, who was tasked with verifying waste being dumped on the lake.

No sanitation labour (or) helpers can be witnessed in the lake to support citizens for the immersions, as a consequence some of the citizens & minors were creating a quick buck from devotees by taking the idols down into the water & performing the immersions.

On Tue., Aug 25 over 5 trucks of garbage has been cleaned by this GHMC from all around the Hussain Sagar Lake. Just when it looked like the historical lake would gain a breather this yr. because of COVID-19, it seems that this assumption is being proven unfair. Every yr., because of the immersions, pollution levels of the Hussain Sagar Lake also rises because of the presence of chemicals within the idols.

“It’s for the administration & the police to see the violations of orders on idol immersion within the Hussain Sagar Lake. On our part, we’d barricaded multiple main parts of the lake & frequently collect waste that piled up around the overall stretch of the lake,” stated a Sr. GHMC officer who didn’t need to be quoted.

Previously this mo, Hyderabad(Hyd) City Police Commissioner, Anjani Kumar, clearly spelled out the ban in his own tweet, “We care for your health & safety. Protect your family (4) over COVID-19. Accomplish Maatam of Muharram in house. Similarly all Ganesh puja has to be finished in house. No idol installation (or) any event going to be conducted in people places as instructed by this Govt. Keep yourself & the city safe.”

Statistics from that last 3 days show that an estimated 2,000 small size Ganpati idols were immersed within the lake. Besides, the immersion ban by this state govt has also run into stiff opposition from Hindutva teams like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, that conducted a dissent on Mon. in the Khairatabd Ganesh pandal. The protesters conducted black flags in Hyderabad(Hyd) & different regions.