Dilip Kumar’s brothers Eshan Khan and Aslam Khan in critical condition

Veteran star Dilip Kumar’s brothers – Eshan Khan & Aslam Khan – are crucial, states a record in The Times of India(In). The 2 have been confessed to Mumbai (Bombay)’s Lilavati hospital (3) after they complained of breathlessness. They thereafter tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19-19.

The record quoted Dr Jalil Parker, who gave updates on their own health. He has been quoted in ETimes as informing: “They’re crucial due to their own age & comorbidities. Their own essential organs are starting to become a cause of worry.”

Eshan is regarding 90 yrs. of age awhile Aslam Khan is some yrs. younger. Both have a biography of blood stress & heart ailments. They’re not on ventilator help, although, non-invasive ventilator has been put on Sun..

On Sat. night, Eshan & Aslam Khan initiated complaining of breathlessness & have been immediately dashed to Lilavati hospital (3). Thereafter, they tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19-19 after quick antigen test has been finished & have been immediately confessed in the COVID-19-19 ward of the hospital (3). Their own oxygen saturation has dropped below 80%.

Dr Jalil had previously informed Hindustan Times, “They were held in ICU however we haven’t intubated them as yet. Discussing their own age & pre-condition health problems like diabetes & hypertension, we’ve to be additional careful awhile treating them.”

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