Donald Trump accidentally revealed something very important in a tweet

On any given day, President Donald Trump going to tweet (or) retweet dozens — & sometimes hundreds — of things. The majority of this stuff is either celebratory of something he did ((or) did not accomplish) (or) just the sort of standard-issue propaganda that your average conservative net troll might generate.

However each once in a while, Trump unwittingly discloses something important regarding himself in a tweet. & that happened on Wed., with this tweet from Trump himself (bolding is mine):
“The Dow Jones Industrial just closed above 29,000! You’re so lucky to have me as your President. With Joe Hiden’ it’d accident”
“You’re so lucky to have me as your President,” is, on its face, a remarkable thing for a president to say. In reality, it’s inconceivable that any past president would say that.
Why? Because past presidents have understood that serving as president is both an honor & a people trust.
That to be trusted by 330 mln Americans with representing their own interests both domestically & internationally is a massive gift that must humble anybody who ascends to the workplace. It’s, without query, the highlight & honor of anybody’s personal life who gets to service.
Trump, as his own tweet on Wed. makes crystal evident, views things quite differently. In his own mind, he’s doing the nation a favor in serving as president. He sees the presidency as an inconvenience — 1 he’s only willing to take (2) on because he believes only he could fix what ails the nation.
That’s not my supposition. Trump has stated that quite a thing. Lots of times.
“I loved my recent personal life. I’d so numerous things going,” Trump informed Reuters in a 2017 interview. “This is extra work (5) than in my recent personal life. I imagined it’d be easier.”
“This thing is costing me a fortune, being president,” Trump stated in a speech in California(CA) in 2019. “It is probably costing me from $three to $five billion for the privilege of being — & I could not care less—I do not care. You really know in case you’re wealthy, it does not issue. I just need to accomplish a nice job.”
In an interview with Barstool Sports previously this summer, Trump has been even blunter. “The finest day in my personal life in terms of business & personal life & everything has been the day before I declared I have been racing for president,” he stated. “Everything has been great. … As of now, I am actually glad I did however I have been handled quite unfairly.”
The whole you-kind-of-owe-me idea has been also present in the just-concluded Republican Domestic Convention.

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