Existing Sony PS4 controller not to work with PS5 games

Tokyo: The Japanese user electronics giant Sony has affirmed that its existing PS4 controller won’t work (5) with PS5 games.

“We believe that PS5 games must take (2) advantage of the new capabilities & features we’re bringing to the platform, involving the features of DualSense wireless controller”

the firm stated in an announcement.

A PS5 boss going to want to purchase extra controllers to play PS5 games, much like just how PS3 controllers didn’t work (5) on the PS4.

Meantime, any PlayStation officially licensed third-party controllers going to work (5) with PS4 games on the PS5.

Sony hasn’t listed the supported games, however the firm does affirm that officially licensed racing wheels, arcade sticks, & airplane sticks going to work (5) with PS5 games & supported PS4 games.

The firm also affirmed that PlayStation Camera going to work (5) with PS5 for playing supported PS VR games.

It’ll require a PlayStation Camera adaptor that going to be given in no extra cost to PS VR consumers.

The firm stated that extra information on just how to gain the adaptor going to be declared in a thereafter date.

Sony has till now unveiled a logo for the console, the PS5 gamepad, & a tech demo demonstrating the console’s graphics ability.

The PS5 going to feature a custom eight-core AMD Zen Two CPU clocked in 3.5GHz & a custom GPU on the basis of AMD’s rDNA Two architecture hardware that assures 10.28 teraflops & 36 compute units clocked in 2.23GHz.

It’ll also have 16GB of GDDR6 RAM & a custom 825GB SSD.

The PS5 going to also feature 4K Blu-ray drive & going to still help discs, however those games going to still require installation to the internal SSD.