Export of spices, products surge to over Rs 21,000 crore

Kochi: Keeping the high rules of safety supplemented with exceptional taste & aroma that is welcomed around the world.

The exports of Indian spices & spice products surged to INR 21,515.Four cr (USD 3033.44 mln) & a volume of 11,83,000 tonnes in 2019-20.

The performance is a reflection of sustaining their own robust insist in Intl.

markets within the face of stiff competition, the Spices Board stated in an announcement here on Wed..

“The spices export throughout 2019-20 exceeded the fixed focus both in terms of volume.

Rupee worth & dollar terms of worth over the export focus of 10,75,000 MT valued in INR 19666.90 cr (USD 2850.28) for the yr. 2019- 20.

Thus registering an rise of 8 percent in volume, 10 percent in rupee terms & 8 percent in dollar terms,” it stated.

Throughout 2019-20, 225 spice items have been exported, over 219 items in 2018-19.

Chilli, Mint products, cumin, Spice oils & Oleoresins, & Turmeric continued to be the main contributors within the spices basket helping 80 percent of the overall earnings.

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Although the Indian spices are exported to 185 nations.

China (24 percent), USA (16 percent), Bangladesh (6 percent), Thailand (5 percent), UAE (6 percent), Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UK, Indonesia, & Germany are the main takers helping over 70 percent export earnings.

Chilli continued to be the most insisted spice in FY 2019-20 with exports of 4,84,000 tonnes amounting to INR 6,221.70 cr, registering an rise of 15 percent in worth.

Cumin has been the second-most exported spice, recording an rise of 16 percent in volume & 12 percent in worth.

“India(In) has fulfilled the rising Intl.

insist for its quality spices within the face of hard competition in global markets.

Given the global epidemic status, the insist for quality Indian spices is on the raise for their own immunity-boosting properties,” Spices Board Secretary D Sathiyan stated.

As per officer announcement.

The spice, that demonstrated the maximum rise as compared to the recent fiscal yr. has been ginger.

The export for huge cardamom escalated by 28 percent in volume & 11 percent in worth & 1,100 tonnes of the spice has been exported crossing INR 67.58 cr in worth terms in 2019-20, it stated.

Spice mixes were in nice insist within the foreign markets owing to their own ready-to-use features.

The exports of curry powders & curry pastes ascended this yr. too with a worth of INR 834.

One cr & volume of 38,200 tonnes, registering an rise of 12 percent & 13 percent respectively.

India(In) is the globe leader within the delivery of the higher-end value-added products of spices like spice extracts & mint & mint products.

With the higher unit worth realization of these products, it alone accounts for 30 percent of the overall earnings.

Celery with seed spices like coriander.

fenugreek & mustard amongst remaining have contributed substantially to the spices export of FY 2019-20.

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