Fact Check: Video claiming Bahrain king with robot-bodyguard is false

A video footage of a person could be witnessed walking using a crowded arena, with a robot following close behind him, went viral on social media(SM).

The video footage said that it’s The King of Bahrain arriving in Dubai(AE-DU) with his own heavily-built robot bodyguard.

On Aug 13, IAS official Sonmoni Borah tweeted the 30-second video footage. Borah wrote, “King of Bahrain’s bodyguard robot is going viral on (sic) Social Media!! Technology & AI replacing humans quite fast!”
DY365, a local information channel from Assam(AS), also revealed the video footage on Facebook(FB) stating the robot as his own bodyguard. Its caption said, “An undated video footage of a robot bodyguard belonging to King of Bahrain is going viral on social media(SM).”

A Twitter consumer Sanjay Bhutiani tweeted the video footage & wrote, “The Emir of Bahrain arrived in Dubai(AE-DU) with his own Robot Body Guard”. The video footage was viewed over one lakh times as of this writing.


A reply to Bhutiani’s tweet, a human stated that the King of Bahrain wasn’t within the video footage that has been really taken throughout a security exhibition previous year.

He also pointed out that the UAE domestic flag could be witnessed on the robot’s body. A closer look in the video footage shows the flag could indeed be witnessed on the arm & shoulder of the robot.

An article within the Khaleej Times on Feb 19, 2019, said that an 8-foot robot called Titan greeted visitors in the UAE Intl. Security Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. As per that record,

“Visitors of the ongoing Intl. Defense Exhibition (Idex) within the Capital are amused by this robot greeter, Titan, that comes out after each hour to greet them & welcome them to the area’s highest defense exhibition.

Wearing a military vest, the robot Titan, moves using the hordes as he presents himself in both Arabic & English. Wearing a military vest, the robot Titan, moves using the hordes as he presents himself in both Arabic & English.

Titan, a popular walkaround robot, is 8ft tall & weighs 60 kg. He’s the globe’s 1st commercial entertainment robot artist & has been developed by this British firm Cyberstein.

A three-minute video footage has been on YouTube, that is the complete version of the viral video clip revealed. The video footage has been posted by a channel named ‘DUBAI7’ on Feb 24, 2019. The domestic flag of the UAE could be witnessed on the robot’s hands & shoulders within the video footage.

Thus, this video footage said to be of a bodyguard robot of the King of Bahrain is factually incorrect. It’s, in reality, from that Feb 2019 Intl. Security Exhibition conducted within the UAE.