Finland’s Helsinki Airport deploys sniffer dogs to detect COVID-19

Helsinki: Finland’s Helsinki Air port has deployed especially trained dogs to find COVID-19 in 10 minutes with 100 percent accuracy.

The trial is being held by researchers from that University of Helsinki.

As per Voice of America record, the preliminary results of the new state-funded pilot program show that the dogs, who were utilized formerly to find illnesses like cancer & malaria, have been able to identify the infection with nearly 100 percent accuracy.

The passengers accessing the air port from abroad & have received their own luggage going to be needed to wipe their own necks with a cloth to collect sweat samples. The sample going to be positioned in an intake box. In a separate booth, a dog handler going to place the box with multiple cans including different scents & the dog going to sniff out the sample with COVID-19.

Similar kinds of study were implemented by scientists in multiple nations, like Finland, Germany & Britain. Finland is the 1st nation in Europe to have really put dogs to work (5) to sniff out the COVID-19.

Voice of America quoted the Finnish researchers as informing that in case the pilot program proves to be efficient, dogs can be habituated to quickly & efficiently screen visitors in spaces like retirement houses (or) hospitals to support avoid unnecessary quarantines for healthcare labour.