Floods in northern Afghanistan left at least 100 dead

Kabul: Heavy flooding has died at the least 100 citizens & wounded scores of remaining as heavy seasonal rains drenched northern & eastern Afghanistan, authorities stated Wed..

Annual heavy rains, compounded by mudslides, frequently threaten remote regions of Afghanistan, where infra-structure is poverty-stricken.

Summer frequently brings heavy rainfall in northern & eastern parts of the nation, leading to floods that leave hundreds passed each yr..

State minister for disaster Mgmt Ghulam Bahawudin Jilani stated that in northern Parwan area, water inundated the central city of Charikar, where the health ministry stated the regional hospital (3) has been partially destroyed & numerous of the wounded have been being transferred to the capital, Kabul.

The provincial spokeswoman, Wahida Shahkar, stated the amount of casualties may raise as citizens & rescue groups have been still functioning to locate citizens buried under destroyed homes. The head of the provincial hospital (3), Abdul Qasim Sangin, stated multiple kids have been amongst the passed & some wounded are in crucial condition.

Shahkar stated the flooding initiated within the central part of the area overnight, following heavy rains & destroying numerous houses. She named on the govt to deliver aid & give immediate help for labour digging using mud to approach those who have been trapped.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in an announcement instructed aid be delivered to Parwan & different areas awhile expressing his own condolences to the sufferers’ families.

Ahmad Tameem Azimi, the spokesperson of the Disaster Mgmt Ministry, stated flooding blocked highways to eastern & northern areas. With rescuing citizens, we’re functioning to open the highways return to traffic, he stated.

Azimi stated at the least 300 homes have been destroyed in Parwan & over 1,000 citizens have been displaced. He stated field & air help sent to support those trapped by this flooding had approached the areas. The ministry alerted locals of possible flooding within the area with a social media(SM) alert late Tue., he added further.

The flooding waters & rushing mud within the mountainous Parwan area carried large number of huge rocks that caused main wounds & destroyed overall houses, burying citizens within the rubble. Multiple excavators had approached the region & have been digging for those stuck beneath the rubble.

Nobody can run,” stated Shah Arian, 22 one such sufferers. He stated it all initiated about midnight when citizens have been asleep.

Fifteen citizens from our 2 neighbourhoods passed away, he stated, appealing for govt support. Everything I’d is within the mud. Azimi, the spokesperson, stated hundreds of acres of agricultural land were destroyed, with the heavy rain wiping out all this corps in eastern Nuristan area. Homes & roads have been destroyed in northern Kapisa, Panjshir & eastern Paktia areas, Azimi stated.

In eastern Maidan Wardak area, 2 citizens passed away & 5 have been wounded when flooding destroyed multiple homes, he added further.

The workplace of the Nangarhar governor stated in an announcement that 2 members of a family (4) passed away & 4 remaining have been wounded Wed. in the morning when the wall of their own home collapsed in flooding.