Full lockdown in Israel to begin from Sep 18

Tel Aviv, September 13 : A full countrywide lock-down in Israel going to be enforced from Sep 18 onwards because of a rise in COVID-19-19 morbidity within the nation.

As per the state-media, the lock-down going to start on Sep 18, the date of Jewish New Yr.’s eve, in six a.m. & going to last at the least for 2 weeks, records Xinhua press agency.

All educational institutions & kindergartens in Israel going to be close on Sep 16, 2 days in advance.

The call to enforce the full lock-down has been taken on Thu. by this Israeli Coronavirus Cabinet, & on Sun., the govt is awaited to affirm different information.

As per the PM’s workplace & the Ministry of Health, the lock-down going to contain a 500-meter gap limit from house, & the closure of hotels, restaurants, culture & entertainment places, & shops, except for vital places like supermarkets & pharmacies.

Numerous workplaces going to also be closed (or) going to operate partially with work (5) from house.

The closure going to be the 1st in a three-stage COVID-19 mitigation schedule.

The 2nd & 3rd phases, that going to contain easing constraints, going to take (2) impact only after the epidemic status is enhanced.

The overall no. of COVID-19 instances in Israel has rised to over 153,000, awhile the number of deaths stood in 1,103.