How to Get into Social Trading: Where to Start and Succeed

The dawn of the digital era has allowed people to form online communities and interact easily in every sector. One such field that has highly benefited from the social platforms on the internet is financial trading.

A boon for online traders who want to start their financial trading journey, social trading platforms provide reliable guidance and advice. With the technique of copy trading crypto and assets, newbies can replicate expert strategies and earn profits.

There are multiple aspects to social trading and many platforms to choose from. Therefore, choosing the right starting point for better profits is vital.

What is Social Trading?

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As the name suggests, social trading makes the best of both worlds – social media and investments. Platforms bring together experienced investors and those starting, allowing them to interact with each other.

On these platforms, experienced traders share their investment decisions and strategies, which the other investors can replicate in real-time to reap benefits. This is known as copy trading.

Copy trading allows inexperienced individuals to enter the market confidently, helping open new markets to meet the demand. With features like rankings, leaderboards, and social feeds, platforms enable new users to learn about the market and make wise decisions.

Entering The World Of Social Trading

Social trading allows individuals entering the stock market to follow experts and learn from their experience. The information shared on these social platforms can either be used as a source of knowledge to help make informed decisions or for copy trading, wherein one can duplicate the investment portfolio of the trader they follow to reap benefits.

With the multitude of growth opportunities that it provides, investors have constantly wanted to join platforms. This, in turn, has given rise to multiple platforms to accommodate different needs.

Therefore, to enter the world of social trading, it is first vital to choose the platform that best suits your needs and investment portfolio. Some factors to consider are the type of traders, fees, transparency, and market analysis.

It is best to choose platforms that don’t charge a very high fee and have experienced traders with reliable track records. In addition, the platform should be easy to use, having features such as leaderboards and rankings.

Once you choose your platform, you only need to sign up with your e-mail and build your profile, which includes entering personal information and connecting your trading accounts. Most platforms also allow you to set features such as selecting a trading strategy, deciding spending limits, etc. Then, you can follow the trader of your choice and pay the fee for the platform to start copy trading.

What Are the Benefits?

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It allows new investors to learn from the market experts and make profitable decisions when entering the finance market. On the other hand, market experts can make profits by sharing their knowledge and helping others succeed.

Besides giving new investors a chance to succeed in the market without prior knowledge of stocks, there are various other benefits, including:

1.   Learning Opportunities

Joining a platform offers you the best learning experience. With multiple mentors sharing their knowledge and experiences, it provides theoretical and practical trading knowledge. In addition to learning from experts, you can also learn from your peers, ask questions, and get solutions for all your queries on the platform.

2.   Reduced Time Commitment

Succeeding in the stock market requires time and dedication to understand the trends and build a fortune. However, with the help of social trading, you can shorten your learning time. In addition, the opportunity to copy-trade an expert’s stock profile saves time that would otherwise have been spent on building a portfolio from scratch.

3.   Increased Market Accessibility

Social trading provides a platform to discuss market trends with fellow investors, enabling you to stay up-to-date with developing trends and expanding your horizons.

4.   Lower Stress Levels

Since social trading involves following tried-and-tested strategies to build your portfolio, usually lower stress levels are involved. In addition, there is a lower risk since experts regularly study market trends on your behalf and advise you on the best possible investment accordingly.

5.   Diversified Portfolio

You can follow different market experts and pick portions of their portfolio that suit you the best. This enables you to build a diversified portfolio, therefore reducing risk. In addition, the community at any social trading platform will help guide you.

Tips To Succeed

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Despite its many benefits, social trading also requires a careful and strategic approach due to the stock market’s volatility. While it is best for beginners, the following are some tips that can help make the most of it:

1.   Start With A Demo Account

Like any other social platform, a social trading account can overwhelm a beginner due to multiple opinions and thousands of people chiming in. Therefore, starting with a demo account is best to help familiarise yourself with the platform’s features.

This will also help you understand the different options and use them for your profit when investing in the market.

2.   Choose Trusted Traders

Various experts will be looking to share their knowledge with beginners on social trading platforms. However, remember to follow traders who have a high reputation and are known for their skills.

This is all the more essential for copy trading. It is vital to remember that the ones with the highest profits may not be the best since the market is volatile.

3.   Keep Track Of The Strategies

While social trading allows you to copy an expert’s portfolio, it is vital to vary their techniques and strategies. Remember that these experts are also human and can have personal tipping points that affect their performance.

In addition, understanding the strategies helps you gain knowledge and make better decisions in the future, leading you to a path of self-success.

4.   Think Long Term

Social trading is often advertised as a method to earn profits quickly. However, you must remember to focus on long-term planning and compounding your gains for better success.


Social trading is a boon for people who want to invest in the stock market but do not know where to begin. Platforms are your best bet if you are looking for guidance on how to enter crypto trading.

It is the perfect amalgamation of the finance world and social media by enabling you to copy expert portfolios, gain knowledge, and discuss market trends with fellow marketers.