GHMC identifies 586 dilapidated structures in city

Hyderabad(Hyd):  Close to 6 hundred structurally weak apartments were detected by The Greater Hyderabad(Hyd) Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in this city this yr.. The structures contain old homes, heritage apartments & also Wakf properties. GHMC authorities stated that these apartments have becomes extra vulnerable because of the ongoing rains.

The amount of dilapidated apartment has also gone up considerably this yr. demonstrated data from that GHMC. Authorities also stated that they’ve given notices to both the Wakf board & the state govt to restore properties that come under their own jurisdiction. Apart from the the citizens staying within the dilapidated homes are inquired to either vacate (or) to accomplish the needful repair work (5).

As per the GHMC statistics a overall of 586 weak structures were detected till now this yr.. In 2019, the numbers stood in 453 & 402 the yr. before. Till nowabout 200 structures have been either demolished (or) repaired. Awhile, the rest 388 structures are given caution notices. Majority of these weak structures fall within the Charminar zone & Khairtabad zone.

Talking to, Devender Reddy, Chief City Planner from Town Scheduling Wing of GHMC stated, “The caution notices have been released u/s 459 of HMC act, 1995 to the dilapidated homes & requesting the proprietors (or) the occupiers to either (or) to repair the structures, failing the inmate going to be accountable for any sort of danger (or) loss of personal life.”

The officer furthermore added further, “Multiple occupiers have already vacated their own properties & some of the of them have initiated doing the repair work (5).” When inquired in case there have been any pending property problems the officer said that some are still in court & most remaining are likely to be demolished because of road widening.

“In the case of most dangerous decaying structures advance precautionary steps were taken like sealing of apartment & also barricading across the structure. With notices cautioning people not to move across the structure,” Devender added further.

Incessant rains continued to pummel Telangana (TL) claiming both lives & immense property damage. Warangal cityinfact were one such most affected places as 8 citizens lost their own lives because of heavy floods lashed the city over the past week.