Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (4-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Pakhi serves tea to Bhavani & Ninad. Bhavani gratitude her.

Shivani whistles when Virat moves in with Sunny. Bhavani scolds her. Shivani states she just whistled & didn’t throw stones. Virat touches elders’ ft. Aishwary performs his own nazar.

Mohit states he’s looking handsome. Karishna requests who did he gain prepared for. Ashwini states Virat prepared for his own spouse & Sayi is preparing for her spouse.

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Bhavani states she doesn’t have any concern in all this & neither Sayi, she’d have come down prepared by as of now. Virat requests Pakhi to go & bring Sayi as she may want her support to gain prepared. Ashwini requests why he imagines only Pakhi must support & not remaining. Virat states Pakhi is also a entire family member.

Bhavani states Virat is right as Pakhi going to gain that lady correctly. Virat appeals again & Pakhi leaves. Bhavani threatens Aswhini to block taunting Pakhi. Aswhini requests Shanti to gain sweet boxes from kitchen, Mohit to see Bhatt Panditji, & Sunny to see decoration. She informs Virat that she didn’t taunt Pakhi with a bad ambition.

Virat states Pakhi is tensed, so she shouldn’t taunt her extra. Pakhi moves into Sayi’s room & states Ashwini sent her to gain her prepared & take her down. Usha states Sai is prepared, requests Sayi to fill mangalsutra & her forehead with Dadamji’s called sindhoor & go down shortly. Sayi does sadly & moves far away with Usha.

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Ashwini requests Karishma to see in case Sayi is prepared (or) not. Sayi moves down with Usha & Pakhi. Ashwini praises she’s looking beautiful & requests her to sit for rituals. Sayi sits far from Virat. Shanti requests her to sit close to Virat. Ashwini begins ritual & gifts Sayi sari & jewelry.

Saloni comments that only Chavan entire family going to give & wouldn’t gain anything from Sayi’s entire family in repatriate. Usha states only she & Kamal dada are from Sayi’s entire family, Kamal dada’s blessings are with Sayi, gifts silver coin to Virat. Virat gratitude her & states this silver is much precious when given with respect & love.

Devi moves down & snatches coin from Virat informing she likes it. She afterwards informs Sai that even she desires to prepared beautifully in sari like Sayi & do rituals, however, nobody gets her wedded in this home; she has been regarding to marry, however, her bad mom didn’t let it happen.

Her spouse went missing & nobody searches him. Bhavani yells in her to block her drama & go to her room. Virat requests Devi to keep a silver coin in case she likes it, however, keep it safely as Usha mausi gifted it to him with love. Devi states her brother is the finest & moves to her room. Sayi requests Ashwini what had happened to Devi tai. Bhavani threatens her to mind her business.

Virat gratitude Pakhi for getting Sayi prepared so beautifully. Ashwini requests in case he’s taken Sayi’s responsibility, he must handle it & not give it to anybody else. Virat afterwards informs Sayi that Aayi gave her a gift & even he desires to gift her something, Pakhi going to support her develop for her medical entrance examination.

Sayi requests in case Pakhi is a doctor, just how going to her when she doesn’t really know medical terminology. Virat states she’s small & needs guidance. Sayi requests in case he didn’t gain anybody else than Pakhi. Shanti imagines this lady doesn’t tolerate nonsense & going to rule over everybody’s heart in this home some of the day.

Usha takes Sayi aside & scolds her not to misbehave with elders. She never resisted her in Gadchiroli. Usha states this is Nagpur & not Gadchiroli, what going to her in laws think regarding her. Sayi states her Aaba taught her not to tolerate nonsense & to oppose injustice, she’ll not tolerate nonsense over her. Usha imagines don’t really know what Sayi going to accomplish.

Photo session begins. Karishma requests Virat to stand next Sayi. Photographer clicks pics. Virat requests Ashwini in case photoshoot is required. Ashwini states these pictures going to capture memories & he’ll member the moments thereafter. Karishmaa requests Sayi to sit on chair & Virat to stand next to her.

He obliges. Sayi states his own aayi is right, he could remember her when she leaves this home as he may not remember her face. He states he could say same for her. The photographer requests them to alter position. They both stand. Sayi states in case he doesn’t need to fulfill her responsibility by the art, she doesn’t mind & won’t enforce her. Shanti requests them to hold every different’s hands. Virat states following responsibility & clicking pictures are various, she’ll realize it when she matures. Sayi requests mature like Pakhi? He looks in Pakhi & states yes. She requests in case this the reason that he desires Pakhi to guide her. He looks in her face.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Sunday

Ongoing Updates: 4th December 2023 / (4-12-2020)

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 5 October 2023 (India)
Production Co: Cockcrow & Shaika Entertainment

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Maa TV: 7:30 am(IST)

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Cast:

    • Neil Bhatt
    • Aishwarya Sharma
    • Ayesha Singh
    • Sanjay Narvekar
    • Yogendra Vikram Singh

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