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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Niya states this is my home & you’ve right to kick me out.

Guddan states I won’t let you ruin my mood on Diwali. Agastya going to talk to you himself. Guddan drags her out. Niya states leave me.

Guddan states you’ve no right to be here. Gain out. Niya states this is my spouse’s home. Guddan states mummy ji inquire this Niya to leave.

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Agastya is driving fast. He states to Arushi I love Guddan. I’ve to tell Guddan before someone else informs her. Pushpa holds Niya’s hand. Guddan states what are you doing? Kick her out. Pushpa states just how could I kick out my DIL? You heard right.

Niya is my DIL & Agastya’s 1st spouse. Everybody is stunned. Arti falls from Guddan’s hand. Pushpa states I has been also tired of doing this drama. Guddan is regarding to fall. Pushpa states careful, I did this for the child in your womb. Niya’s Niya Mittal.

Daughter of the richest business tycoon. She’d all this amount however she couldn’t give birth to a child. So we desired an idiot lady who could give birth to the heir of our entire family. So we identified you, a stupid lady who’d trust anybody.

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We required someone who’d give us information of your home inside. Saru states your DJ kicked me out so I taken my avenge. You couldn’t accomplish anything. DJ & Aarav left you as well. No 1 is yours as of now.

Agastya comes in & states I’m Guddan’s & Guddan is mine. Everybody is stunned. Pushpa states this has been my schedule, don’t forget. Agastya stands with Guddan states it has been your schedule not mine.

Agastya states Guddan ma exchanged the letter, I wrote all fact in it. Trust me. Guddan shouts trust? Guddan states 1st friend, afterwards spouse? You cheated me in each phase of personal life. Why? What has been my error? She cries.

Agastya states I really know I’m your criminal. Please trust me. Pushpa states don’t beg this lady. Guddan shouts sufficient. You’ve fooled a daughter, a spouse & a daughter-in-law. However remember you could’t fool a mom.

I won’t give my child to anybody even in case I’m alone. Pushpa states your womb is rental. Agastya states sufficient ma. He stands ahead of Guddan. He states this child is my & Guddan’s. Only we both have right on him.

Niya states what are you informing Agastya? I’m your spouse. Agastya states I wedded you in maa’s stress & it has been business deal only. That’s all our marriage has been. Here are the divorce papers. I’ve signed them, as of now you sign them as well.

Niya states what’s he informing? My papa has so much power. Tell him mummy ji, he’ll ruin your entire family. I’ll teach this Guddan a lesson. Niya is regarding to hit Gudadn with a rod. Agastya holds it & slaps Niya.

Agastya states accomplish what you need, I won’t leave Guddan. I’ll go to the PS (police station). He puts a knife on Niya & states sign it. Arushi imparts her a pen. Agastya states sign it (or) Iw ill murder you. Niya signs it. He turns back.

Guddan isn’t there. Agastya looks for Guddan. Pushpa states my schedule is destroyed.Guddan moves outdoor. She recalls Pushpa’s words. Guddan sits down & cries. Agastya comes there.

Guddan states go from here. I won’t give my child to anybody. He states I love you both a lot. No 1 going to take our child. Please trust me. I love you both. I wrote everything within the letter. I didn’t really know ma exchanged it. Guddan cries & sobs.

Guddan states you didn’t really know regarding the letter right? However you understood it all when you have been marrying right? I feel pity for myself that I wedded a person like you. Agastya states I love you.

Guddan states what love is this? You wound me each time. Agastya states I really know my entire family & I’ve wound you a lot. He states I love you. Please trust me. I’ll give my personal life to protect this child. I’ll accomplish anything for you.

This home is yours. This child is yours even in case I’ve to go far from me. I’ll all the time be about for the protection of you & my child. Agastya comes downstairs. Pushpa states where are you going? He states going far from Guddan is the largest punishment I deserve.

Pushpa states you could’t leave. He states you did all this. I could’t live with you. I lost my love & you lost your son. He leaves. Guddan states block Agastya. He turns back. Guddan states I don’t really know in case I’ll forget what happened.

However what’s happening isn’t right. We’re entire family & I won’t let this entire family shatter on Diwali. I loved you. I trusted you. You saved my personal life. & as of now I’m going to be the mom of your child. I don’t need my child to live far from his own dad. So I’m prepared to live this marriage with you however I’ve a condition.

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First episode date: 15 April 2014
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 1,663
Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Cast:

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  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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