Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 28th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Aarav states just how dare you slap my sister?

Niya states I’m accountable for everyone this. My daughter Rashi did this error, in my happiness I can never watch it.

Pushpa states to Guddan forget regarding your hotel. I’m taking it with me forever. Guddan cries & states please no. Pushpa states let’s go everybody.

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Guddan cries. Saru states you just had come Pushpa & you’re already speaking regarding leaving. In case you leave now your son won’t gain wedded. Wedding wouldn’t happen in case you don’t accomplish it from this home.

Agastya’s fate & this home’s fate are related. PUshpa states what are you informing Saru ma? She states trust me.

Pushpa states to Choti Guddan, drink Saru ma’s ft water. She saved you once again. In case you accomplish the other error, that would ruin your personal life.

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Guddan prays & states Lord Krishna please take care of things. She collides with Agastya. Their own theme song plays. Aarav comes & states just how dare you touch my sister? You’re flirting with my sister?

He hits Agastya. Guddan states please cool down. Agastya shoves Aarav. They both fight. Guddan states please listen to me once. Please for me cool down. Guddan requests Aarav to leave.

He leaves in anger. Guddan dresses Agastya’s injury. He states what Aarav stated wasn’t right. She states what you & Pushpa did wasn’t right. There have been responses to all actions. I’ve to develop for the event.

I don’t have time for everyone this. Guddan states us gathering all the time goes unfair. He states I had come to say sorry only. Going to never meet you again. ‘

Niya mixes something within the mehndi. She states this going to bring a storm in Guddan’s personal life.

Mehndi begins. Pushpa requests to bring the mehndi. Niya states in case the colour of mehndi is dark, the bond is stricter. Agastya doesn’t respond.

Pushpa states nothing would go unfair in case you smile a bit. Agastya states I’ve a plenty of work. She states we’ve a business & you prefer functioning on that computer over it. It’s your mehndi a well. You’ve to stay here. Guddan where are you?

Guddan comes with mehndi. Rashi helps her. Niya states come Guddan. You’re like a friend to me. Guddan states I’ve a plenty of work. Saru states gain it finished Kanya. Niya states it’s saru ma’s order.

Come. Niya states in heart your hands would burn for ruining my engagement.

Ladies begin applying mehndi on Niya’s hands. Niya screams. Pushpa states what happened? Niya states my hands are burning. Rashi states is it burning? She saw Niya mixing it & turned the bowls.

Pushpa states to Guddan bring something. Guddan runs & collides with Agastya. Her mehndi gets on his own hands. Rashi states in heart her mehdni got on pop’s clothes from Guddan’s hands.

Niya comes to Rashi’s room & hits her. She states I really know ou did it. Just how dare you ruin my mehndi. Rashi states you’re bad. I won’t let you be my mom. Niya states who’d be afterwards?

She states Choti Guddan. Niya slaps her. Guddan comes & holds her. Niya states you’re just a wedding planner here & I’m to be Birla DIL. Guddan states you don’t deserve to be anybody’s DIL (or) mom. I’ll tell everybody regarding your reality.

Niya states you’d in case you leave this room. Guddan shoves Niya & locks her within the room.

Guddan & Niya rush downstairs. Rashi is crying. Agastya states what happened? Guddan states Agastya could’t marry Rashi.

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First episode date: 15 April 2014
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 1,663
Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Cast:

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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