Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (6-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Pushpa slaps Shona. Shona states what did you accomplish as of now.

Pushpa states you desired her to marry Amount however as of now she’s Agastya’s spouse. I’ll discuss it God’s going to.

She can leave this marriage however she resided & taken care of Agastya. She’ll stay here. I really know she’ll take care of Agaastya, she’s the DIL of this home.

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According to the ritual, she won’t work for 21 days. Shona states who’ll work afterwards? Pushpa states you’ll. Pick this broom. Shona cries. Pushpa states to great gain prepared for munh dikhai. Guddan is stunned. She states just how did she becomes mummy ji?

Agastya gets dressed. Pushpa states it feels great to watch you on your ft. However you’re still weak. You must rest. He states maa I has been thinking we must tell Guddan the fact. Pushpa states I’ll handle it.

Agastya states however it’s unfair to keep her in dark. Guddan states what’s unfair. Pushpa states what happened in past has been unfair. You must begin anew. Guddan states I also need to forget all that & be a great spouse & DIL.

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Pushpa states you could accomplish it all, I’m with you. Pushpa states Agastya come downstairs with me. Guddan going to gain prepared. Guddan states I’ve to look finest for munh dikhai.

All ladies come. Guddan comes downstairs with loose hair. Agastya looks in her. Guddan states in heart no 1 from my entire family is here, neither mama papa nor DJ (or) Aarav. I feel so alone however Lord Krishna is with me.

Pushpa makes her wear chunri. She states meet our DIL Guddan. Ladies accomplish rituals. Saru states Pushpa you accomplish the ritual as well. Pushpa does her arti as well. She picks a baby doll & puts it in Guddan’s lap.

Shona states is it babby shower? Pushap states give us our grandson son. I’m alive to watch my grandson. This is my last wish. Everybody laughs. Pushpa states to Shona bring juices for all. The ritual is over. Niya comes in & states ritual isn’t over. She’s a gift box.

Niya states I felt a connection with Guddan so I’d to come here for her munh dikhai. She imparts Guddan gift & states it has been my place. She rubs tilak on her forehead. Niya states in case I has been here, I won’t have let you stay here.

Niya tries to put colour on her face. Guddan grabs her hand & states it’s not my error. Niya states oh so you act like this as of now. I’ll show you your value. Niya is regarding to throw arti on her face. Pushpa slaps Niya & states she’s our DIL as of now.

You could’t harm her ahead of us. You’ll be punished for this. Guddan states it’s fine. She’s wound. Pushpa states we’ve to blow her fire. Pushpa states no 1 going to block me from punishing her. She drags Niya.

Agastya states in heart just how accomplish I tell Guddan why has maa’s behaviour turned. She gave me her swear. I don’t wanna keep her in dark. Pushpa drags Niya. SHe cries. Saru comes as well. Pushpa hugs Niya. She states don’t cry.

We’ve a bigger mission, we’ve to compromise a bit. We’re doing this for everyone of our benefits. Saru states yes we’ve to win. You’ve to be patient. That Guddan won’t ever really know our mission. Pushpa states never say it open.

She could’t take support from anybody. There’s no 1 to safeguard her & we’ve to take advantage of that. The day she locates out the reason of her marriage with Agastya she’ll faint. Niya states within the heart the weakest part of this schedule is Agastya.

We could’t trust her. Guddan moves there. Guddan comes to the room. She states the room is messy again. She states these clothes are kept within the laundry basket. You’re my spouse afterwards help me. Don’t make things tough.

He states are you fine? Guddan states marriage is so pure. I feel like there’s something that is not right. I hope it isn’t linked to you. I feel so alone from DJ left. There’s no 1 I could talk to apart from you.

I need our relationship to be on the basis of fact. Is there anything you’re hiding from me? He states could you listen to the fact? Guddan feels like someone is there. Agastya states really.. Guddan checks who’s outdoor.

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First episode date: 15 April 2014
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Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Cast:

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  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
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