Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th August 2024 Episode Written Update: AJ Finds Choti’s Location

Scene 1
Avinash stops the thug & states where are you going? This is your boss’ & my room. I’ll tell Ganga you’re invading her privacy. He leaves. Avinash states I’ve to block it.

Guddan hits the statue. Ganga states why is AJ not moving in case she’s hitting him. Let me see. Ganga comes towards the door & opens it. Ganga moves towards the room. Durga states block. Ganga states who’re you block me? They sit in her ft. Laxmi states she meant we wanted to inquire something. Durga states what?

Durga states we all want this belt. Laxmi states this is a great opportunity for us to fix our husbands as well. Ganga states shut up & leave me. Laxmi states please please only you could schedule it for us. Ganga shoves them far away.

Ganga states leave my ft. They hot her ft. Durga states just 1 belt of us. Laxmi states only a lady could know ladies. Ganga states shut up, in case you say 1 extra word I’ll cut that Choti & give her to dogs. They leave her. Ganga states Guddan, open the door. Guddan is worried.

AJ locates the spot & states papa is coming to you my baby. Ganga counts until 3. Guddan looks down from th window. She’s worried. Ganga tries to break the door however someone opens it so she falls down. Ganga looks in him. It’s AJ. Ganga giggles. Guddan had closed her eyes.

Guddan looks in AJ. Ganga states I imagined you won’t hit him however a mom could hit her spouse for her child. Am I right? Guddan hits AJ. Ganga states it’s okay. Would you murder him? This is sufficient for today. Ganga states to Avinash there have been wives like her as well.

I let you go so easily. Avinash states you best left me, I won’t have let you accomplish all this I have been with you. Ganga requests Laxmi to bring her breakfast. Everybody leaves. Ganga states well finished Guddan. A new level is beginning. It’s Janmashtami, let’s watch in case your motherhood wins. All this finest. She leaves.

Guddan states I’m so sorry. I’d to accomplish this ahead of her. Guddan states I’m so sorry. AJ states you & Choti are my personal life. Nothing is extra important than you 2. Guddan hugs him. AJ states I’m fine.

Guddan states I hope I gain my Choti back. AJ states only time is coming ahead. I got (1) her spot. I really know where she’s. Guddan states let’s go & take (2) her. Guddan states appreciate you Lord Krishna. On your birthday you’re repatriating our Choti to us.

Guddan states appreciate you so much. I understood you won’t keep her far from her parents. AJ states Choti is awaiting for us. Let’s go.

Scene 2
The thugs are eating. Choti cries. They tease her, wanna eat? Pandits come & knock in the door. They say we’re here to invite you for Janmashtami’s pooja. The thugs covered Choti with a blanket. She takes it off. Pandit ji states whose child is it? The thug states it’s his own child.

The person states yes, I actually loved my spouse. We ran & got (1) wedded. Afterwards God gave her to us after nine mos. He pretends to cry & states afterwards my spouse left the globe. My friend helps me from afterwards. Pandits leave. T

he thug states you stated it’s my child. Different states I saved both of us. They fight where is the butter we have been eating? Choti picked it & is eating.

Scene 3
Durga states Laxmi, I’m actually worried in case Choti going to return (or) not. Laxmi states I’d were worried as well in case Guddan weren’t going. Don’t worry. She could accomplish everything. She’ll bring Choti back. Kanha ji is with us. Ganga states take (2) blessings from me instead.

Don’t shed tears, I hate tears. Laxmi states those tears are for Choti. Ganga states be happy for your real MIL. Guddan states our Choti going to return on Lord Krishna’s birthday. We don’t want tears. Ganga states such overconfidence without listening to the higher level? Guddan states my motherhood is stricter than your stupid game.

Ganga states however you could only go out in case you win & afterwards bring her out. AJ states we don’t want your permission to leave our own home. Ganga states you accomplish. I’ve sealed the home in lock-down. The door is sealed. Ganga states look. She states no you’ve only 1 option. Win the game, & take (2) your daughter as a gift.

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