Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21 September 2024 Episode Written Update : Choti Guddan Bumps Into Pushpa Birla

Within the latest series of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Choti Guddan tries her finest to safeguard her dad’s hotel from Saraswati who’s willing to sell it to Pushpa for amount.

Pushpa gets angry seeing Choti Guddan & pulls her ears. Saraswati warns Choti Guddan & tries to scare her. On the different hand, both Durga & Laxmi tell Pushpa that they’ve real property papers & the hotel belongs to Choti. Saraswati rejects the allegations & tries to prove that she’s the boss of the hotel.

Choti assures to becomes a chef & make her parents proud. Durga & Laxmi teach Saraswati a lesson for personal life & beat her with shoes.

They throw her out from Jindal Bhavan. The show takes a jump of 20 yrs., Choti Guddan is presented as a youth. Choti looks exactly like her mom however lacks confidence.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Choti Guddan is all grown up & looks exactly like her mom, Guddan. She begins functioning as a chef in her dad’s hotel & wants her parents to be proud of her. Awhile trying to accomplish everything right.

Choti Guddan bumps into a person & the person bumps into the waiter.

The waiter has a white cream cake within the tray that falls on Pushpa Birla.

Pushpa gets angry & loses her mind when her face gets smeared with cake. She’s not been able to watch Choti Guddan however the latter wipes the cream from her face.

Pushpa leaves the hotel in anger awhile Choti sees a young handsome person.

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