Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 17 September 2024: Will Choti Guddan Be Able To Save AJ’s Restaurant?

Within the latest series of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Saraswati shows false property papers to Durga & Lakshmi. She calls herself the boss of AJ’s hotels & accounts. Saraswati imparts Pushpa the papers to sign, however Choti Guddan runs into the room to play.

She suddenly drops the bottle of ink on the property papers. Pushpa gets angry as the ink splashes on her face & secondly as the auspicious time for creating the deal has moved. She goes to slap Choti however her son Chikoo stops her. Thereafter, Pushpa rules to repatriate in 2 hours & offers 14 crores for the hotel.

Choti gets upset & rules to read her dad’s recipe book. She afterwards locates the real property papers that are hidden within the book. Durga informs Saraswati that she knows she’s utilizing fraud documents & assures to not sell AJ’s hotel.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Durga, Laxmi take (2) Choti Guddan with them however that’s when Saraswati hits them with the iron rod. She ties them to the chair & gets set to make cope with Pushpa. Saraswati takes the real property papers.

however Choti Guddan tries her level finest to block her from creating the deal.

Even Saraswati & Durga try tough to free herself in time to safeguard the hotel from being handed over to Pushpa Birla.

Durga informs Choti Guddan to saver dad’s hotel & her cousin brother helps. Choti takes the support of Pushpa’s son who assures to support her out.

Going to Choti Guddan be able to safeguard her dad’s hotel?

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