Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Guddu poses as ghost scares Gudiya and Bantu

The Daily episode begins with Sweety coming to Gudiya & bantu & requests what happened? Gudiya states she didn’t watch any body. Bantu states he has been telling a post to Mausi. Sweety states she had come to inquire in case everything is fine.

Gudiya states yes & requests what happens in case someone is murdered by someone mistakenly. She requests her to reply. Sweety acts as ghost & states whenever someone is murdered, her ghost comes…Bantu states in case the person is murdered.

Sweety states when the moon is in its peak on the amavas night & when the clock strikes 12, afterwards…Gudiya states I’ve understood everything. Sweety states sky is blue & moon is white, when someone comes from haveli & stand infront of them, going to say in low tone….Gudiya. Gudiya & Bantu gain scared & stunned. Sweety requests in case they have been scared seeing her acting & gets happy.

Matai comes there & requests Guddu is here. Radhe states I wasn’t in house & requests Pappu. Pappu states he didn’t come. Radhe requests him to call him. Matai states battery is gone. Bantu states he himself went & imagines who’s swallowed him. Matai states he’ll search him.

Gudiya requests Bantu, where did the body go? Just afterwards they watch Guddu hanging outdoor their own window with his own head upside down. They gain stunned & runs down. Bhoot aaya song plays….

Gudiya & Bantu come to Radhe & conceal there. They tell that there has been someone. Radhe requests in case ghost had come? He requests Pappu to go & see. Pappu requests him to come with him. Radhe states in case I come with you afterwards just how you’ll becomes courageous.

Pappu requests Sarla to come with him. Sarla states she’s to cook in kitchen & requests Sweety to go, however the latter rejects. Radhe sends Pappu with Gudiya & bantu. They come to room & couldn’t locate anybody.

Gudiya informs him that ghost has been hanging with his own head low. Pappu requests did you watch his own face? Sweety comes there & requests Pappu to come. Pappu states don’t really know what you’ve come & goes. Gudiya states where did the ghost go?

Matai comes to the window. Gudiya requests when did you watch Guddu last? Matai states within the in the morning & informs that he’ll await for some time & gain the record registered within the Police.

He closes the window. Guddu smiles & ticks his own fingers, power goes. He gets scared. Gudiya & Bantu are quite scared. Radhe brings the lantern. They inquire him in case someone passes away in an crash afterwards accomplish they becomes ghost? Radhe states yes, this happens in fact.

He states there have been ghost near us sometimes & we watch it sometimes & sometimes we don’t. Gudiya sees Guddu & afterwards she couldn’t watch him. Guddu goes. Radhe informs his own childhood post when a heavy wind is blown, he has been going infront of the crematorium field with his own Chacha & the clock striked 12. He informs that his own legs couldn’t shifted even although he try to free humself.

They all hear the breathing sound. Radhe informs that his own Chacha ji has been murdered & he has been the ghost himself. He states whoever had murdered him, didn’t cremate the body. He states Chacha ji murdered 2 people.

He informs that Chacha ji wanted to show me that ghosts don’t leave the human killing him. He states it has been a dangerous night that he couldn’t forget. He informs that the 2 people have been coming infront of him. Guddu comes to the window. Gudiya & Bantu gain scared & hug Radhe. They all run to their own rooms.

Sarla informs that Guddu didn’t come today, it’s quite sad. Sweety states he should have named after approaching Maliha bad. Sarla informs that.

Matai informed that he didn’t pick his own calls. She serves meal to everybody, however Gudiya & bantu reject to have breakfast.