Hamari wali Good News 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist

Hamariwali Good News 13 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Hamariwali Good News 12th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Renuka Informing Even I Need To Burn The Crackers Today.

She Gets Happy. Adi Looks In Navya & Renuka. Renuka Goes To Her Room. Mukund Is Sleeping. She States Just how Could He Sleep In Suffocating Room.

She Goes Out & Imagines Just how Could I Give A Child To Navya, I M Sleeping In Lawn From Yrs., Just how Going to I Influence Mukund. She Recalls The Past.

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FB Shows Mukund Coming House Drunk. Renuka Participates Him. He States I Don’t Need Your Help, I Going to Go Myself. She Helps Him. He States I Got To Really know Your Fact, You Just Act Like A Great Spouse. Renuka States I Could’t Take Any Accuse On Me.

He States You Had Love For Someone Else. She States That Doctor’s Alliance Had come For Me, However I Wedded You, You Are In My Heart. He States Don’t Lie, You Loved That Doctor, Your Dad Got You Wedded To Me, You Still Have An Relationship With Him.

She States Don’t Say Anything That You Regret Thereafter. He States Gain Out Of My Room. She States I Swear On My Kids. He States Don’t Take Their own Name, You Are Here Just Because Of Them, Never Come To My Room Again.

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She Cries & Leaves From The Room. Its In the morning, She Goes To Light The Diya With Mukund. He Angrily Goes Far away. FB Ends. Renuka States I Have To End Each Gap, I Have To Woo Him, I Have To Influence Him.

I Don’t Really know What Has been In His own Heart For Yrs., I Going to Give A Entire family To Adi & Navya, I Won’t Let Navya Gain Offended. Mukund States You Have No Work, You All the time Stitch Blouses For Neighbour Ladies.

She States No, I Have Stitched A Kurta For You, See Once. He Requests Silk Kurta For Me. She States I Didn’t Purchase It, I Have Made It From My Saree, Wear It & Watch The Fitting. He States I Don’t Have Time For It.

Did You Watch Me Wearing Such Kurta, Foolish. He Goes. Renuka States I Won’t Lose So Shortly, Whatever Happens, I Going to Gain Close To You Before Anchal’s Marriage. Navya Comes. Renuka Requests Did You Accomplish My Work.

Navya States Yes, I Spoke To Doctor, However Think Again. Renuka States We Going to Go To Doctor For Your Satisfaction. Sanjay Purchases Jewelry For His own Love. His own Mum Scolds Him.

Sanjay States I Love Aishwarya. His own Mum States She Belongs To A Brothel, She Has Finished Magic On You, There Must Be No Issue In Marriage. He States I M Taking Rounds On Your Informing. She States Once I Gain My Grandson.

Afterwards You Accomplish Anything, I Don’t Care. Mukund Sees Them. Sanjay’s Mum States Sanjay Desired To Gift Anchal, She Is Like My Daughter As of now. Navya & Renuka Meet A Doctor. Doctor Is Navya’s Friend. She Requests Is She Your Elder Sister.

Navya States No, She Is My Mum In Law. Doctor States Give Me Tips To Retain Myself. Navya States Dr. Anju Utilized To Learn Zumba From Me. Anju States Sufferers Keep Me Busy, Any Ways, Please Sit, Just how Could I Support You.

Renuka Requests Navya To Say. Navya Imparts A File & States I Could’t Becomes A Mum. Renuka States I Need To Give A Child To Navya. Doctor Requests Are You Willing To Becomes A Surrogate.

Renuka States No, This Child Going to Be Mine & My Spouse’s, I Need To Give Child To Navya. Mukund States I M Purchasing A Gift For Sumitra. Sanjay’s Mum States Take The Gift For Anchal. Mukund Agrees.

He States Anchal Going to Respect This A Lot. Sanjay Imparts The Same Chain Order To The Jeweler & Leaves. Renuka Gets Her Tests Finished. Anju States Uterus Is Healthy, You Are Safe, Its A Great Information, Blood Tests Records Going to Come Tomorrow.

Renuka States I Informed Her, She Has been Worried For Me. Doctor Requests Just how Is Your Relation With Your Spouse, Closeness, Navya Actually Sorry, I Have To Really know It, Renu Ji Is Your Spouse Prepared For This.

Renuka States I Didn’t Speak To Him Yet, However I Going to Accomplish. Sumitra Sees The Gifts. She Requests Indu & Anchal To Come With Her. She States I Going to Send Anchal With Renuka For Shopping, I Have Given The Responsibility To Renuka & Mukund.

Renuka States This Issue Must Be Between Us, No 1 Must Really know That Navya Isn’t Carrying & I Going to Be Carrying, It Going to Be A Storm. Anju States Don’t Worry, This Issue Won’t Gain Well-known.

However You Have To Gain Carrying Shortly In case You Need To Cover Up Navya’s Weakness, Because Everybody Knows Navya’s 1st Mo Initiated. Renuka Imagines To Talk To Tiwari. Indu States I Has been Requesting In case They Are Taking Your Words Easily.

Sumitra States No, I Spoke To Pandit, I Informed Renuka Regarding The Dosh Resolution. Anchal Looks On. She Calls Naveen. She States I M Going To Agra Tomorrow, Meet Me In The Market.

Mukund Requests What, Cylinder Got Over, Fix Different Cylinder. Renuka States I Forgot To Book It. Mukund Scolds Her. He States Jiji Is Coming Tomorrow, We Have To Make Her Fav Sweets & Meal, Just how Shall I Prepare A Cylinder.

Navya States Relax, Adi & I Going to Prepare It. Mukund States Maybe You Don’t Need To Cook Meal. Renuka Imagines I Shouldn’t Fight To Him, I Must Talk Calmly & Keep His own Mood Great. She States I Accept My Error.

He States You Could’t Make Meal. She States I Going to Stay Awake All Night & Keep Meal Prepared. He States You Could’t Make Meal By Speaking Sweetly, Remember In case Sumitra Doesn’t Gain Great Welcome.

Afterwards I Going to Not Leave You, Make Meal Any Way You Need. She States I Going to Make Nice Meal, In case You Stay Happy, You Could Keep Me Happy, I Mean My Happiness Is In Your Happiness. He Requests Her To Learn To Accomplish Work. He Goes.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 12th November 2023 / (13-11-2020)

First episode date: 20 October 2023
Number of seasons: 1
Network: Zee TV
Genre: Drama
Languages: English, Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:

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Zee TV : 7.30 PM (IST)

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Hamariwali Good News Cast:

  • Shakti Anand
  • Srishti Jain
  • Juhi Parmar
  • Raghav Tiwari
  • Farah Lakhani

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