Hate mail threatens violence against Muslims in Irving

Irving: A hate mail, threatening Indians & Chinese to leave the nation, has been sent on last Thu. to multiple immigrant families in Irving, Texas(TX), regional records read.

The letter reads, “American residents within the IT sector & different professional fields have lost their own jobs to numerous Indians & Chinese. We inquire you to leave the nation without furthermore delay. We’ll have no choice however to shoot mercilessly in office, in society, on pool (or) on playground.”

Irving Police are presently interrogating the complaint & stated, “We still only have 1 case & have no different proof of this being sent to over 1 human.” They furthermore added further in an announcement, “We take (2) torture & hate offence extremely severe. An investigator was assigned to this complaint. In case you’ve any info on where this letter is generated from & who’s accountable for it, please contact: Investigator Cunningham.”

Dr. Osman Suleiman, Professor in the South Methodist University in Texas(TX), tweeted on Tue. spreading that a close friend of his own involving multiple different Muslim families got the letter.

Although, multiple comments on the Irving Police Dept.’s announcement & Dr. Suleiman’s tweet claiming that this letter can be written by some of the non-English human, judging the poverty-stricken grammar utilized. One of the consumer wrote: “Awhile disturbing, it appears to be it has been written by someone with poverty-stricken English & grammar skills, perhaps someone not from this nation in an attempt to foster fear & division. May Allah support us all!”