Hate preacher Abu Hamza sues US for cruel prison conditions

United States: Hate preacher Abu Hamza allegedly sued the US officials over ‘cruel’ circumstances within the prison he’s presently jailed in. Hamza has been formerly jailed within the UK for inciting violence & has been extradited to NY after an eight-year legal battle. He’s presently serving a personal life sentence within the US for terrorism offenses.

The previous imam of Finsbury Park mosque in North London has complained of inhuman medication in the prison where he has been jailed, records The Times.

In a civil lawsuit registered over William Barr, the US attorney gen., Hamza said that he’d to tear meal packs open with his own rotting teeth. The 62-year-old complainer has no forearms & is blind in 1 eye.

He also said that he were deprived of sunlight in his own isolated cell & is suffering from “pressure & anxiety” after being refused family (4) visits from 2012.

Hamza has been convicted in 2014 of facilitating satellite communications between kidnappers throughout a 1998 attack that died 4 tourists in Yemen. From 2012 he was incarcerated inside ADX Florence, Rocky Mountains prison.