7 Dental Hygiene Tips from Dr. Tariq Sayegh for Healthy Teeth & Gums


Gum and dental health are way more important than most of us even imagine. Namely, bad teeth can cause a lot of other health issues as well. However, the fact is that we contribute to the better or worse condition of our teeth and gums – primarily through inadequate oral hygiene. That’s why, referring to … Read more

Recovering From Serious Injury: 13 Ways To Occupy Your Time While Bed Bound

Recovering from a serious injury can be a lengthy and frustrating experience, particularly if you are a normally active person. Being bed bound means that you’re very limited in what you can do to occupy your time. It is critical to avoid boredom, as this can be detrimental to your mental health and positively, which … Read more

5 Health Benefits of Using a Bidet Instead of Toilet Paper

Bidet is one of the very important parts of the bathroom with specific purpose. The bidet is a small sink near the toilet bowl that is used to wash the outside of the genitals and anus after using the toilet bowl or whenever “refreshment” is needed. While your first encounter with a bidet can be … Read more

Is Watching TV While Eating Harming for Teens and Students?

Television has long been our mealtime companion, yet watching our favorite shows while eating can lead to serious health issues by keeping us from eating thoughtfully and listening to our bodies. The rising obesity issue is just one indicator that humanity isn’t doing so well when it comes to healthy eating. While we often blame … Read more

All You Need to Know About Tea – Guide 2023

Tea has been the favourite beverage for thousands of years by people all across the world. Some people prefer traditional tea, while others have switched to organic tea.There are numerous benefits which is the reason to choose organic tea. Several types of tea have been shown in tests to improve your immune system, reduce inflammation … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Maintaining our physical and mental health has become increasingly important nowadays. With the fear of going out in the middle of the pandemic, the world is currently in a state of complete disarray, making people’s lifestyles as passive as ever, as you can see here. Although staying at home is the best way to lessen … Read more

How Accurate Are Smartphone Heart Rate Monitors?

Heart rate results can tell you a lot about your health. That is why it is important to always have your results with you and to update them often. This is especially important if you lead an active life and have intense training. Don’t forget your family history and other factors that affect your health. … Read more