History of Online Casinos, Egames & E-Sports

In 2022, it is hard to imagine a life without the internet. We use the web for everything from banking and socializing to entertainment. In fact, the current generation doesn’t know of a time when the internet did not exist. Online casinos and e-gaming are two of the most popular forms of entertainment globally. But, these sources of entertainment did not begin until the late 1990s, and then they were nothing compared to what they are today. Today, there are teams that play in tournaments, and there are international esports that go all the way to the Olympics level. Esports-betting.com is the place to enjoy esports gambling today. Read on for more online casino and egames information.

Online Casinos

Microgaming is a major casino software developer in the United Kingdom. In conjunction with Cryptologic, Microgaming launched the first online gambling site in 1994. This was the same year offshore licensing passed the Free Trade & Processing Act for Antigua and Barbuda. Today, this offshore licensing authority is associated with rogue online casinos. But, in the beginning, they paved the way. By 1996 there were 15 online casino sites, and by 1997 there were 200. These sites were primitive compared to today’s standards. Many third-party auditors tried to hold the online casinos to regulation. It is rare to find an online casino today that existed in the 1990s.

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There are teams that play in tournaments, and there are international esports that go all the way to the Olympics level. The first egames showcase event was held during the Summer Olympics in 2016 in Brazil. The games played were Smite and Super Smash Bros. competitions. However, eGames has no association with the International Olympic Committee or the Olympic Games. This platform may no longer be around. Their website has not been updated in several years.

Today egames, egame events, and major tournaments are usually played on better online casino platforms and are growing in popularity globally.

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Today’s Online Casino Industry

We have high-speed internet, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality today. We can connect players with live dealers and allow them to play and bet in real-time. Cyber-security, online banking, and encryption allow players to bet with various types of currency and keep their financial data safe. Many quality online casino companies accept multiple forms of cyber-currency. Online casinos of 2022 are more sophisticated than land-based casinos.

The online casinos of today can be accessed through any computer or laptop. Mobile apps allow users to access them via their smartphones and tablets. Customers use these apps to place bets, check the results of games, lotteries, and tournaments. They can place bets in advance for upcoming events. They can check their account balance, withdraw winnings, and refund their account with their banking accounts, credit cards, and other funds. The convenience of the online casinos of today’s marketplace is a significant reason why the industry is booming internationally.

The games available in modern casinos are in a different league than the ones of yesteryear. There are probably hundreds of various casino games and hundreds more various slot machines. Each game is fluid, action-packed, and user-friendly. They are designed to give the customer the most realistic experience possible, and they do. They are loaded with graphics, themes, colors, sound effects, and music. When a customer wins, they feel the excitement just as they would if they were sitting in a people-filled casino hall.

Video game and casino game manufacturers employ some of the best talents in the world. There is a lot of money to be made in the casino industry, and every online casino wants to be the best.

That means they hire the best engineers, designers, strategists, and developers they can find. The industry is growing at a massive rate, and new talent is continually recruited.

Online casinos and eGame platforms have grown at massive rates in the past decade. It is expected they will surpass 112 billion by 2024. The exciting news is, as you can see, this is still a young industry. There is no way to predict the growth that will come to the internet and that has a direct effect on the online gambling industry. We have yet to be told what technology is on the horizon.

We can only compare today with yesteryear. Compared to the 1990s, the online casino industry has been reinvented. It has grown into a field that people of the 90s would not have dreamed of.

Those of us who remember dial-up modems know what a dinosaur that seems like. If technology continues to excel, and there is no reason why it will not, we won’t even recognize the online casino of tomorrow.


We can testify to the miracle of computerized technology. Today’s generation may not remember a world with no internet, but they will most certainly look back on 5G and wonder how we survived the old technology. Online casinos and eGames are here today, and they will be here tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what they will be in the next round of evolution.

The surprising health benefits that gambling and betting provide

We must agree that gambling and betting actually become a huge part of people’s everyday lives. Studies show that every third person is engaging in some of this type of activity. Even though gambling and sports betting are so trendy, they are considered negative activities. While, in fact, they provide so many surprising health benefits to the overall well-being of the individual, both physically and mentally. Let’s reveal some of the most crucial benefits.

They are providing socialization

One of the most significant benefits of these types of activities, especially in this modern era where everyone is lonely, is the fact that they are providing socialization opportunities to people. More precisely, all gamblers have the chance to interact with others whether it is in person or through live chat on gambling and betting online platforms. Best of all is that you need to meet people all around the world and make new friends that you share the same interests.

Even though it is fun and engaging to gamble or bet on your own, it is an even greater experience when you can share it with someone else that is thrilling as much as you are about it. It can be very fun and enjoyable to share opinions, tips and to interact with others while waiting for the outcome. There are not so many activities out there that can provide this level of socialization and entertainment for people as gambling and betting do.

These activities provide you with a high level of convenience and comfort

Gambling and betting activities are incredibly convenient, especially if the users decide to bet through online casino/betting platforms. This means that they can gamble from the comfort of their home or from any other place they want. This convenience factor is one of the crucial reasons why gamblers start with this activity in the first place. The only thing they need is an Internet connection and they can start with the entertainment. Best of all is that there is a wide range of different games and sports that users can explore.

Gambling and betting are promoting positivity and improve your mood

Studies show that participating in these types of activities can really boost the mood of the individual. More precisely, it can promote positivity and happiness. With these activities, they can forget about all the stressful things in their lives and allow themselves to relax and enjoy. The level of excitement that gambling and betting provide actually positively impact a person’s well-being.

They can help you start valuing the money

Gambling and betting give people a new picture of how they should value the money and how to invest. The primary thing every person needs to know before depositing his money is the importance of bankroll management. This term refers to the money that they can afford to lose. Therefore, every player at some point learns to invest in the most proper way and does not risk losing all the money he has.

Your skill will be enhanced

Finally, you can improve and even learn new skills while participating in an activity of this kind. You will sharpen your mind and focus, start developing new strategies and tactics, learn to analyze things, and recognize some patterns. Additionally, you will learn how to be patient and not get your emotions overwhelmed which is very beneficial for every aspect of your life. Despite that, you can enhance critical thinking skills and learn how to read body language.