How Exactly Is Gambling Regulated?

Online casinos are flourishing all over the world. Demand continues to be steady, turning billions of dollars. The international online casino industry is estimated to be worth over $300 billion in 2024, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the global market. Canada is now also among the top ten countries with the largest number of online gambling enthusiasts. Canadian online casinos boast an annual turnover of around $31 billion. But how exactly is gambling regulated in Canada?

Online casinos in Canada


Gambling in Canada, whether land-based or online casinos, has been completely legal since 1969. Initially, provinces were allowed to run lotteries, which were regulated by the government.

A requirement for legal gambling in Canada was to donate a portion of the lottery proceeds to charity. Quebec is the largest and the most recognised state in terms of online casino gambling. This means that when gambling laws are passed, all other states follow suit. This operating model with provinces continues to work successfully even now.

Unlicensed operators are banned from accepting online bets. Canadian law also states that unlicensed operators cannot accept online bets from Canadians. However, access to offshore online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites and betting sites still exists for Canadians.

Institutions that regulate

It is important that there are institutions which deal with regulation. The regulatory body that oversees the entire industry at a national level is the Canadian Gaming Commission. It makes sure that the gambling sector is properly understood, there is communication with the government, the media and the public.

Other recognised associations are, for example, the Interactive Gaming Council or the Internet Gambling Commission. The casinos belonging to these associations are usually licensed and have a good reputation in the online casino world. VulkanBet also relies heavily on these and similar sources of information.

Why does one need a gambling license?

It legalizes the business according to international laws and also guarantees you in financial matters:

  • fairness;
  • integrity;
  • transparency.

Land-based casinos, betting shops, as well as lottery and bingo sites and establishments always have the appropriate documents, copies of which should be shown to counterparties and partners for increased loyalty, as well as to tax authorities and inspection officials.

The rules for an overseas gambling license are created by a special commission to make it easier to monitor the activities of the applicants. The regulations prescribe the conduct of all persons who are associated with the licensed organization, including partners, employees and the owners themselves.

Online gambling legislation

Almost every country in the world has specific gambling laws. These laws are then transposed into the world of online gambling. Generally, licensed casinos are allowed to organize gambling activities, while unlicensed casinos are prohibited.

There are no specific laws in Canada that directly relate to online gambling. It is important to know that online casino players are not exposed to any legal risk. Another important fact is that winnings from online gambling are not taxed as long as they are for recreational purposes.

There are around 1,600 online casinos online that are licensed in any state. The legal gray area starts here – even if such a casino is not licensed in the country from which the player comes, he can in principle play there.

Therefore, there are several important categories of checking casinos for integrity before a player makes a deposit:

  • availability of a license;
  • assessment of the range;
  • bonuses;
  • speed and activity of the customer service;
  • payment of winnings;
  • well known game providers;
  • ability to use different currencies.

Jurisdictions Regarding Online Gambling

The concept of jurisdictions is crucial to understanding and following all the regulations of online gambling. In many places, it is legal to gamble online because the government authorities have set some rules for the companies that operate gambling operations. Many companies run online websites that allow people to gamble their money digitally.

But this is not legal in every country or city across the globe. The companies that operate these operations have a legal back, and nothing can harm them. Many popular brands have also been involved in this industry. When it comes to understanding the jurisdictions, many license authorities exist that provide a license to these companies.

When any site owns a license, it is legal to operate and provide gambling facilities to people. But getting a license is difficult because the company must fulfill various requirements. You must know those requirements to understand why getting a license is crucial.

Requirements to Get a Gambling License


Every country has different jurisdictions, and license requirements depend on them. A company has to mention all the services they are offering to gamblers. But overall, the requirements for the gambling license are based on:

  • Managing Complaints
  • Handling all the accounting procedures
  • Game fairness
  • Restriction on gambling for underage people
  • Managing gambler issues
  • Depends on the owner’s suitability

The main purpose of these requirements is to make the site useful for gamblers. It is crucial to avoid underage gambling and keep the platform safe and convenient for everyone. If anyone faces troubles during the process, the person must contact the customer support team.

The company will help them in any way. A site can get a license only when it fulfills all the requirements and can regulate successfully.

Online Gambling Regulation Future

Undoubtedly, it is quite complicated to think about the future of online gambling regulations. But it is quite crucial to the safety of people across the globe. It is easy for everyone to access online sites and do several gambling activities. But there is a high risk of money laundering, fraud, and scams.

In all the legal places, these regulations help people to stay safe and keep their money secure. Gambling is quite an exciting and entertaining activity for people across the globe, but it can make people greedy. Any country cannot afford to lose youth in these activities.

Therefore, online gambling regulations are quite necessary to consider. In the future, many countries will also legalize online gambling and implement regulations to maintain safety. It helps in improving the gambling sector and motivates the industry to progress.

The Bottom Line

To understand the exact way of regulating gambling, you must go through plenty of information available here. In many legal countries, many online gambling sites are regulated to ensure the safety of gamblers.

Every site requires a license to operate such activities. Depending on several requirements, the jurisdiction decides to provide a license to some sites. Before indulging in these activities, you must know everything about its regulations.