How Much Are Instagram Ads – Use for a Business Page

Instagram became a trend in marketing promotion back in 2016. Since then, its audience and popularity for the promotion of various business projects is only growing. Its user audience has already surpassed 1 billion people, of which 67% are marketers’ favorite people between the ages of 18 and 34.

If you’ve decided to seriously engage in the development of a business account in Instagram, but do not want to spend a lot of time and effort on self-promotion – order advertising. This is an effective and easy way to reach potential customers who live in the vastness of this progressive social network.

Types of advertising in Instagram

There are two main kinds of advertisement on Instagram: official targeting and advertising of the account by means of influencers, for example, bloggers or promoted pagliostypes. Each of these types of advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages and requires a different advertising budget.

Targeted advertising


Targeting is easy to run and controlled. Choosing this way of promotion, you can choose gender, age, region of residence, interests and other parameters of users to whom your offer will be shown.

The main advantages of targeted advertising include:

• quick launch, convenient management;
• absence of human factor;
• flexible adjustment of the audience for views;
• full control over the timing, number and period of displays;
• detailed reporting.

I want to note right away that all targeting advertising in Insta is done through Facebook. You can connect it even without having a business account in Instagram itself. It is enough to have a page representing your business and a Facebook profile. You can do without Facebook only if you choose alternative ways to promote yourself. According to Lowcostsmm, there is a much cheaper way to get subscribers, views and likes for Instagram. There are also other services for this social network and even for YouTube.

The functionality of the social network offers advertisers many advanced tools for business promotion. Instagram’s arsenal includes:
Stories advertising. More than 500 million people visit the stories section of Instagram every day. A short advertisement will help to capture their attention. The main advantage of this method is that these ads are as native as possible, fit seamlessly into the rest of the content and do not cause irritation.

Posts with photos in the feed. This is a simple, but less effective example of brand promotion. This format allows you to show your company or product in all its glory.

Video ads. Such ads have the same advantages as the previous format, but only this time you can add motion and sound to the picture.

Circular gallery or selection. Choosing this format will allow you to place several images or videos at once, which will flip through. This is a great option for store accounts. For example, you can post multiple shoe or cosmetics models in one ad and show “before and after” results.

You can run official ads from Instagram in the native app, through your Facebook profile, or using the tools in Ads Manager.

To advertise an instagram page effectively, you need to be able to present your product beautifully. Photos and videos should be professional, the message should be clear from the first seconds of viewing, and meet all the requirements of the social network.


In the search for potential customers, advertisers can go the other way – to order brand advertising from bloggers or in the publishers. Bloggers already have a “warm” loyal audience, and accordingly, they can provide maximum response. They are trusted. Such advertising is perceived sincerely and looks like a direct recommendation.

When choosing this method, you need to understand well the target audience and choose a blogger or page whose readers maximally match the portrait of your CA.

Keep in mind that many bloggers are very picky about the selection of advertisers, because products of dubious quality and purpose can damage the reputation. In this regard, you will need to spend a lot of time negotiating and searching. There will also have to discuss the format and text of the ad. Be prepared for the fact that you may be rejected without explanation, or do not respond.

Top bloggers on the appearance of advertising can be their own views and instead of a post with a detailed description of the benefits of products, you can easily be offered a version that is suitable for the general style of the blogger’s page. In this case everything is strictly individual and discussed personally.

How much does it cost to advertise in Instagram?

You always need to pay for advertising. This rule does not apply except for some exceptions, which will be outlined a little later. Different variations of promotion require different advertising budget. The cost depends largely on the number of impressions, the desired coverage of the audience, as well as the goods promoted.

Official advertising

In-house advertising is the main earner for any social network. There is no single answer to how much contextual advertising will cost that meets all your requirements.

By running official advertising from Instagram, you can set the advertising budget at your discretion. The amount can range from one or two, to several thousand dollars per day. It all depends on what audience reach, number of impressions and type of ads will be chosen.

The cost of advertising on Instagram is set through complex calculation algorithms and is not fixed. You’ll be familiar with the final cost before you make an ad run, and you’ll be able to track any changes immediately as you adjust your filtering.

Cost of advertising in Instagram

Depending on your settings, a click on a targeted ad can cost from 10 rubles to several hundred. Signing up for a page will cost approximately 2-3 rubles per person. You yourself can set as a daily advertising budget, and the total cost of the advertising company.

Advertising from bloggers

How much will it cost to advertise with the blogger also depends on many factors. Initially, there was an unspoken rule: every 10,000 followers – about $ 10 for one advertising post.
Now everything has changed dramatically, there are new formats, and prices have almost doubled. The reason for this is that the number of commercial pages now many times exceeds the number of quality bloggers, so many owners of popular pages sometimes unreasonably inflate the cost of their services. As a payment is mostly set at a fixed amount + require free product.

The cost also depends on the advertising format. You can choose among, a promotional post, a mention in the post, a recording of a stopovers, video review, conducting a joint raffle and so on.

The cost of advertising with a particular blogger is influenced by many factors:

• audience loyalty;
• statistical indicators of the response from the ads;
• the rate of development and fame;
• what kind of audience is gathered in followers;
• whether blogging is the main activity and so on.

Prices are uneven. The average cost of an ad post from a blogger with an audience of 10,000 to 30,000 follower will cost about $10 to $35. Naturally, the larger the audience, the greater the cost.

So, for an audience of readers from 300K will have to pay over $250. Advertising in stopovers is usually 2-2,5 times more expensive than advertising in the post. Shared giveaways cost about 1.5 times as much.

At the same time on the expanses of the social network you can meet many novice bloggers, obsessively offering their services. Such individuals, as a rule, as a payment, asking for free goods.

Cooperate with them or not, it is up to you, but it is recommended to refuse vulgar girls with a lot of subscribers and similar “empty” bloggers. The reason for this is the lack of engagement from their readers.

You can check the addiction and engagement in special services. For example, this is a graph from trendHERO:

• In this case, we see that the blogger has almost no real subscribers – only massfolovers and suspicious accounts.
• In this case, the price and audience of subscribers is not a guarantee of quality advertising. The effectiveness of advertising actions depends, above all, on the choice of a blogger with the right audience of subscribers. Be sure that you can get a low response even by ordering advertising from Kim Kardashian, if your target audience does not fit the list of her typical followers.

Many top bloggers have a dead audience of subscribers made up of amorphous high school kids with no buying power. For example, Katya Klap, despite an audience of more than 7 million subscribers, is only able to attract a couple of dubious clients. This is explained by the fact that readers come to the advantage of looking at the appearance, are not too interested in the records and do not match the right target audience.

At the same time, advertising from local, not too big bloggers with an audience of up to 50 thousand and good regional development indicators can cost much less and show much better results.

The reviews of former advertisers can help you choose the right blogger. Feel free to ask for screenshots of the page statistics as well. It is very important to determine the percentage of audience engagement and the main user groups that make it up. Not only famous bloggers, but also local bloggers can have a lot of “empty” accounts in their subscribers. Many resort to bot tweaking for the general masses and other dishonest tricks. Advertising on such pages is simply not able to bring in customers, although it will be notable for its low cost.

Publicity in Publics

Publics, unlike bloggers, do not represent a particular person’s opinion, but simply show content of some kind. The essence of advertising in publics is very simple. You need to choose the one in which, in your opinion, your target audience sits, contact the owner and agree to place your post.

The cost of advertising post in this case also depends on the number of subscribers, the target audience and the owner’s appetite.

Determine in detail the pricing policy will help the exchange. Now there are many special sites where bloggers, publishers and advertisers can find each other. With such a service you can quickly find pages that are ready to advertise you, and monitor the average cost and choose the best option.

What does the price of advertising depend on?

The cost of advertising in Instagram is calculated using a complex algorithm. The current fee for displaying ads is calculated according to the example of the auction. Of course, with a fixed rate would be easier, but then Instagram would become a world-class hoarder. Therefore, far-sighted creators monitor the actions of advertisers, the relevance of impressions and on the basis of the data obtained, they conduct an auction.

The cost is directly proportional to the number of advertisers targeting the same target audience. The more advertisers have chosen to show ads for a particular segment of users – the more expensive for each of them will display. For example, advertising for solvent users aged 25-35 is always much more expensive than showing ads to people 65 and older and children.

Advertising is especially expensive before hot dates, such as Black Friday, New Year and so on. It is during this period that everyone tries to advertise.

Cheaper advertising is in the middle of summer. This period of rest and vacations. Users are more often “off-line”, so there is less activity among advertisers.

At the same time, there is a constant upward trend in the cost of advertising over a long period of time. Thousands of new business projects come to Instagram to advertise each year. If you’ve decided to try and discover Instagram advertising, it’s time to hurry up.

Advertising on instagram for free – is it possible?

Free advertising is possible. Moreover, it is recommended to combine different ways of promoting the page. Sometimes just to buy advertising in the social network may not be enough. The audience in instagram are mostly young and creative. She poorly behaved by templated appeals and pop-up banners. Paid advertising is often inferior to the creative methods of promotion, which do not always require financial investment.

To compete with other brands in this social network, you need to develop the right marketing strategy and include a variety of promotional methods, including those belonging to the category of free. They will help unobtrusively attract customers and, of course, save the budget.

Massliking and massfollowing


The basics of free advertising are masssliking and massfollowing. You can attract attention to your page in this way on your own or with the support of the top promotion service Instaplus. The latter will help you to fine-tune the various data of the potential CA and save a lot of time.

With these simple tricks you can unobtrusively draw attention to your page by liking or subscribing to your account and thus promote the goods and services covered on it.

Free advertising from celebrities

You can advertise with popular bloggers or stars yourself. Try leaving interesting comments from the stars, reply to other users, and join discussions under posts with multiple views. If you manage to get the attention of the star’s readers, maybe someone will click through to the page, get interested in the product and stay among the subscribers. True, as in the previous method, instead of money you will have to pay with time.

The messages in Direct

Also quite effective advertising, one of the methods of guerrilla marketing. It is required to send messages to “personal messages” of your competitors’ subscribers with advertising proposal, or answer questions in the comments, which are left unanswered by your rival. It is free, but requires time and dedication.


You can attract Influencers for free by promising them products in exchange for advertising. You can offer famous bloggers to walk around wearing your brand’s clothing and donate a few freebies.

Often, you can attract small and emerging bloggers this way.


The latest trend has been to promote through ambassadors among ordinary users.

Owners of accounts with different numbers of subscribers can be invited to take a screenshot of the storiz and mark the brand. For this, the user becomes a contestant for the title of a new brand ambassador. Then, among all those who participated in the contest, select a few people who will be sent products in exchange for suitable promotional content.


Giveaway, oddly enough, also have not lost their relevance. This methodology works as follows:

• You choose a blogger on whose page the contest will take place;
• Offer him the goods for the organization plus a prize for the winner;
• Hold a contest among the blogger’s subscribers.

Those wishing to participate in the prize draw must subscribe to your page and the blogger’s page. If the latter has a large audience, you can get quite a lot of subscribers and save a lot if you compare the cost of one subscription through official advertising.

Mutual PR

Don’t write off the old Jewish technique of “you give me and I’ll give you. Mutual PR is one of the foundations of free advertising. For this to work, the main thing is to know your target audience well and find profiles that are identical, avoiding direct competitors.

Ideally, if you can manage to negotiate a mutual PR with a related brand page. For example, if you are promoting a wedding photographer service, a wedding dress atelier will do. This way, you will be able to exchange clientele and at the same time advertising will look very organic.

Advantages of advertising on Instagram


Instagram continues to steadily wrestle the title of the best advertising platform for brands from Facebook. Launching an Instagram marketing campaign is the best solution if you want to attract hundreds of customers quickly and cheaply. There are a number of advantages to this.

Large audience reach and high response to ads

According to Forrester research data published last year, the response to publications on Instagram is 58 times higher than on Facebook. On inst, users are much more willing to view ads and research brands. The ultimate response depends primarily on how vividly you can present your brand.

Mobile traffic

Instagram was originally developed as a mobile app. Given the dominance of mobile gadgets, your target audience is sure to be among the users of the social network. Perhaps, it is even much more than among users of social networks developed for desktop use.

Statistics also show that users who use mobile gadgets have a much more positive attitude towards viewing ads. And the cost of the click or click-through is usually half as much. Accordingly, you spend less, but attract three times as many subscribers.

Flexible targeting

Instagram allows you to find your customer among millions of users. Official ads use Facebook algorithms. If you’ve already run a Facebook ad campaign, Instagram user segmentation is greatly simplified and comes down to a few hours of work.

Instagram passes for promoting any brand. By setting the right filtering when setting up your ad display, you are guaranteed to hit the bullseye. It should be noted that in order for advertising to also bring a response, you need to keep up with the times and be able to advertise yourself beautifully.

No banners

Instagram is a progressive social network, the main bias of which is on high-quality photo and video content. The platform offers appropriate tools for promotion.

The standard advertising features support the ability to connect photos and videos to your ad, so you can showcase your products and services in all their glory. The ads are Instagram-style, so they don’t stand out too much from the overall content. Bright visual content gets users more interested and encourages them to consider and be interested in the brand.


Keep in mind that instagram is growing at a rapid pace. Millions of new users come to the site every year, including the creation of commercial accounts in huge numbers. Only creative brands that are ready to constantly explore and try new promotion methods can successfully compete and promote themselves in this environment.