Hyderabad: In-laws slit man’s throat

Hyderabad(Hyd): In a horrific incident took place in old city of Hyderabad(Hyd), a person has been brutally died his own in laws.

25-year-old, Syed Munawwar Quadri has been a cab driver. He wedded to Simran Quraishi 4-years back. The couple has a 2-year-old daughter & a mo old baby boy.

Things weren’t going well with the couple. They have been having frequent clashes for the last quite a few mos. Demised in laws attempted to counsel them however in vain.

Kanchan Bagh inspector P Venkat Reddy informed that Munawwar Quadri’s father-in-law Esa Quraishi & different relatives named him on the pretext of having a talk. During this talk they again initiated quarreling. Consequently Munawwar’s in laws tied his own hands & legs & slit his own throat.

Panic prevailed within the region on seeing the body. On receipt of info Kanchan Bagh police tandem with Hyderabad(Hyd) police close tandem approached the location. Police moved the body to Osmania hospital (3) for postmortem & taken quite a few people in custody. A complaint was booked & interrogations are in progress.