ICV VS SAL ECS T10 League 2024 Match Fixtures, Live Score & Toss Updates

So here in this blog we’re speaking regarding the ECS T10 – Vienna 2024, In case you persons getting bored be prepared for the other interesting match of the league.

It’ll be the 3rd match of this league.

The 2 groups that are going to play in this match are India(In) CC Vienna & Salzburg CC.

The league was initiated from today as on 17th Aug 2024.

In this league, we’ve a overall of 5 groups.

The five-team are Salzburg CC, Pakistan(PAK) CC, Austria CC Wien, Indian CC Vienna, Vienna Afghan CC.

The upcoming 3rd match of ICV VS SAL of ECS T10 – Vienna 2024 is ruled to play in Seebrana Cricket Field, Seebarn on 17.08.2020, Mon. in four PM IST.

As we really know the league is just were initiated so the pitch is being analyzed we’ll gain you to really know as shortly as possible.

The sky of Seebarn stadium seems partly cloudy with no signs of rain (or) any weather disruption between the match.

As we really know due to the COVID-19  each league were deferred however as of now the status is under curb & ECS has resumed all of its league.

  • League: ECS T10 – Vienna 2024
  • Groups: ICV VS SAL
  • Venue: Seebrana Cricket Field
  • Date & Time: four PM, Mon.

The Indian CC Vienna tandem going to play the 2nd match of the league.

The 1st match they performed over Vienna Afghan CC.

In that match, the India(In) CC Vienna won the toss & elected to bowl.

Both groups have been powerful & they performed so well.

The Indian CC Vienna tandem has some of the experience & powerful players who could influence the game with their own effect.

Sumit Dhir, Toni Sain, Kunal Joshi, are the key players of Indian CC Vienna.

Indian CC Vienna: Mehar Cheema (WK), Sumit Dhir, Toni Sain, Kunal Joshi, Ahmad Ghani, Kumud Jha, Adaikkalaraj Kumaran, Daud Zadran, Sumer Shergill, Avtar Singh, Zaherullah Jabarkhel

The Salzburg CC tandem going to their own 1st match of the league.

They’ve to play carefully because as of now the ICV has already attended in a match before this match that is why the tandem is much familiar with the pitch.

They surely a full advantage of this.

The tandem Salzburg CC has to play well from that beginning of the match to retain the grip over the match.

Rizwan Javeed, Mubashar Syed, Gondal Naveed are the key players of the match Salzburg CC.

Salzburg CC Playing xi: Abrar Bilal (WK), Rizwan Javeed, Mubashar Syed, Gondal Naveed, Zahid Khan, Nadeem Akhter, Saad Cheema, Zeeshan Goraya, Abdul Rouf, Abbas Ahmadzai, Shahbaz Muhammad.

Let’s watch that tandem going to be going to take (2) over the match.

As per us, Indian CC Vienna most likely to win this match, because they already performed a match before this so they’ve extra knowledge regarding the pitch.

However still, we’ve to await until the match end for the conclusion.

Disclaimer: The above given winning prediction & lineups are our assumptions. We aren’t sure whether the same going to happen in this match (or) not.

Be tuned with us & gain to really know the written updated information.