Imlie 10th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Imlie 10 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (10-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Imlie 10th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Aditya Scolds Imlie That He Had Earned Respect With Tough Work, However She Destroyed It. He Orders Her To Pack Her Bag & Repatriate To Pagdandiya. Pankaj States He Is Doing The Same Error That They Did.

Aparna States He Lost Their own Self-Curb & Even He Is. Pankaj States They Lost Their own Self-Curb Under Inebriation, However He Is In Anger. Badimaa, Dhruv, & Nidhi Inquire Him To Punish Them For Their own Error Error Instead.

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He States They Did A Error Unknowingly After Imlie Fed Them Bhang Blended Milk, So She Can’t Stay In This Home. Aparna States She Is A Amid, Where Going to She Go; He Took Her Here, However Letting Her Stay Here Is Their own Call. A

ditya States With Her Pampering, Imlie Forgot Her Place, She Could Give Her Some of the Amount & Send Her Far away. Imlie States Errors Are Forgiven, However Sins Are Punished.

She Made A Sin & Going to Not Let Them Punished, So She Going to Leave This Home. Aparna Requests Aditya In case He Going to Send Imlie Far away Before His own Engagement Tomorrow. Aditya States After His own Engagement Tomorrow, Imlie Going to Leave For Pagdandiya.

Mithi Tries To Draw Rangoli. Satyakam Informs Mithi That He Remembers She Met City Person On Shiv Poornima; He Couldn’t Safeguard Her Afterwards & As of now From City Person’s Memories. Mithi States She Is Drawing Rangoli For Imlie In Her Memory. He States Imlie Draws Finest Rangoli.

She States Imlie Got This Talent From Her Dad. He States He Has Sent His own People To Search Aditya’s House & Workplace Address & Going to Take Her To Delhi(DL) To Meet Imlie. Mithi Imagines In case Imlie Drew Rangoli On Shiv Poornima Today. Imlie Wipes Rangoli & Prays God Not To Let Her Make Sins Again.

Malini Repatriates House With His own Parents & Informs Anu That She Offended Aditya 1st In Her Spouse & Afterwards Offended Him & His own Entire family In Their own Home, She Knows Aditya’s Entire family Well & 1st Them Saw Them In That Condition.

She Didn’t Even Let Her To Inquire What Happened To Them. Anu States They Have been Heavily Inebriated & Have been Not In Speaking Terms.

Malini States Anu Doesn’t Like Aditya & His own Entire family From Before & Got A Reason To Speak As of now, She Must Understands That Adityas’s Entire family Is My Future Entire family, And so on. Anu States Okay, She Going to Not Utter A Word Again.

Aditya’s Entire family Call Vendors & Quash All The Bookings Made For Engagement. Badimaa States Malini’s Mom Never Desired To Have Wedding In Our Home & Got A Reason As of now, They Are From Boy’s Entire family & Their own Wish Must Be Respected. Everybody Laughs.

She States She Is Not Joking. Aparna States They Must Know Just how Tough Is To Send A Daughter To Someone’s Home Forever, Anu Is Getting Her Only Daughter Wedded, So She Is Tensed & Spoke Bitter & They Shouldn’t Bother Regarding It.

Pankaj States Their own Daughter Is A Largest Issue As of now Who Desires To Send Off Imlie From Here In Anger. Aparna States Adi Is Quite Angry As of now & Going to Not Alter Call. Malini Over Phone Apologizes Aditya For Whatever Happened Today. He States Its Not Her Error & Shouldn’t Worry.

Servants Bring Her Dinner & Notify That Anu Madam Inquired To Repatriate Only After She Finishes Dinner. Malini States She Is Not Hungry.

Aditya Appeals Her To Have Something & Jokingly Requests In case She Is Dieting For Wedding. She States She Is & Going to Double Her Size After Wedding.

Afterwards It Would Be Tough For Him To Handle Her. He Requests In case He Must Develop Something & Bring It To Her As She Imagines He Could’t Be Romantic. She States He Doesn’t Really know Anything Than Getting ready 2 Minute Noodle. He States She Doesn’t Really know His own Secrets.

She Requests What Did He Conceal. He Reminisces Marrying Imlie & States Just Await & See. He Afterwards Moves Into Kitchen & Searches Ingredients. Imlie Hearing Sound Imagines A Cat Invaded & Moves Into Kitchen, Sees Aditya & Requests What Is He Doing Here. He States He Is Getting ready Meal For Malini As She Didn’t Have Anything From In the morning & He Assured To Cook Something For Her.

She Requests Him To Cut Salad & Take Out Pickles Awhile She Devises Roti. Aditya Requests In case Its Same Thick Roti She Equipped For Him. She Nods Yes & Packages Tiffin. He Takes It To Malini & She Gets Impressed Seeing Roti, Pickle, & Salad. He Requests In case She Didn’t Like Roti, He Likes It A Lot A & Imli Equipped It.

She States She Imagined He Equipped It. He States Cut Salad & Packed Pickle, Afterwards Gets Angry On Imlie That She Fed Bhang Milk To His own Entire family & Because Of Her His own Entire family Has been Offended.

Malini States What She Heard Is Imlie Is A Sensible Lady & Gets Along Well With Everybody, Even She Is Ager To Gain Along Her After Marriage. Aditya States Imlie Is Going Back To Pagdandiya & 1 Shouldn’t Befriend Strangers So Much That It Hurts Entire family When They Leave.

In House, Bade Papa Teaches Algebra To Imlie With Nidhi Feeds Kids. Aparna Requests Them To Gain Prepared For Engagement & Badimaa Imparts Imlie Dress & Requests Her To Gain Prepared Shortly. Aditya States She Going to Go With Them After Calling Dev As Thief & All The Different Drama. Arpna States Dev Himself Inquired To Bring Imlie. Imlie States She Doesn’t Have Mood, So They Could Go. Entire family Demands;

Pankaj States She Is Afraid Of Aditya, However Its His own Dad’s Order, So She Must Gain Prepared Shortly & Accompany Them.

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Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 16 November 2024 (India)
Production Co: Gul Khan

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StarPlus: 7:30 am(IST)

Imlie Cast:

    • Gashmeer Mahajani
    • Mayuri Deshmukh
    • Sumbul Touqeer
    • Jyoti Gauba
    • Astha Agarwal

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