IMM2: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 8th October 2023 Written Update: Twist……

Today’s Written Update: Ishq Me Marjawan 8th October 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Riddhima coming to the room & hiding the box. Vansh states I m grateful to you, just listen to me in case I m speaking.

He covers her up with a towel. He states I could’t tolerate you blaming my mum, she isn’t my real mum, she’s a beautiful human.

Stay tuned. Update in progress.

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She wants me to forgive you, you inquired me why accomplish I suspect everybody, why accomplish you think everybody is your enemy, why don’t you begin a new personal life peacefully.

She states I wish I can forget everything & move on, I feel we’ll gain Ragini’s link (connection). She takes the box & states I’ve to conceal it, I could’t conceal it in my room, Anupriya going to look for it. She takes it to Dadi’s room & hides.

Dadi comes & states you think I won’t really know, I got (1) old however I could watch everything. Riddhima states no.

Dadi states you’d a fight with Vansh, right. Riddhima imagines appreciate God Dadi didn’t watch anything. Dadi requests her to come, love is important in each relation, love doubles after each fight.

Riddhima imagines of Vansh. She imagines I saw Vansh that time, I could’t watch him in pain.

am I actually in love with him. Dadi states don’t worry, don’t utilize mind in heart matters. Riddhima states gratitude, I shall go. Riddhima imagines I’ve to locate the box’s secret, what am I thinking. She goes.

Someone makes her fall. He holds her hand. She gets stunned seeing Aryan. He taunts her. He states I really know what you’re doing, I’ll tell Vansh. She states tell him.

I m not unfair, I m not scared. He states time shall show what’s right & what’s unfair. She goes. Chanchal comes to him & smiles. She imagines of creating Riddhima fall. He states tomorrow, Riddhima going to actually fall down.

Riddhima wakes up & states where is Vansh. Aryan comes. She states Vansh isn’t here. He states I really know, so I got (1) this parcel for you. She requests where is Vansh. He requests just how could I really know in case you don’t really know regarding him.

He goes. She reads Vansh’s note… I m going for an important work (5), sorry to be harsh, lets make a new begin, this gift is a try, this going to keep us linked till I return. She smiles & checks the gift. She gets a phone. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

She reads the sms, I hope you like my gift. She states it means he’s trusting me as of now. She smiles. She calls Mayura & states Vansh gifted me a phone, so I imagined to call you, is everything fine between you & Omkar. Mayura states you have been right, sometimes we’ve the fact ahead of us & we don’t watch it.

Riddhima states in case our intentions are right, afterwards decisions aren’t unfair. Mayura gratitude her & disconnects. She states after knowing Omkar’s fact, I’ve to take (2) this call for myself.

Riddhima states Vansh is good-hearted, you aren’t able to know Anupriya taking an advantage of you, however I’ll bring her fact out.

I’ve to gain the box from Dadi’s room. She goes & locates her room locked from outdoor. She states maybe Anupriya got (1) to really know that I’ve hidden the box in Dadi’s room. She shouts out & takes a vase to break the door. She runs to Dadi’s room.

She states Anupriya taken the box, where could she conceal it, it has been the only evidence. Chanchal & Aryan gain the box.

He requests what’s inside the box. Chanchal states you don’t really know, its imp, else Riddhima wouldn’t conceal it.

He nods. Chanchal states we’ll call the keymaker tomorrow to make a duplicate key for the box. Riddhima looks on & imagines Chanchal had locked me. Aryan hides the box. Chanchal states I got (1) a golden opportunity to make Riddhima & Vansh far away, we’ll never let them gain close.

Aryan states yes, let Vansh come, we’ll fill hatred in his own heart for Riddhima. Riddhima goes to her room & states I’ve to gain that box.

She hears a sound & states did Vansh come. Aryan comes from that bathroom, wearing a bathrobe.

He states my bathroom’s shower wasn’t functioning, so I imagined to come here. She turns far away.

He argues with her. He states its my home, I could go anywhere I need. She requests him to leave.

She pushes him. He states stay in limits, else I could remind you the limits. She slaps him. She states you want to remember limits, I hope you really know it, maybe overall home is yours, however this is my room, I make regulations here, out.

He imagines to pay a cost for the slap with concern. She states gain out. He goes. Riddhima calls Kabir. She states its me, Vansh gifted me a new phone. He imagines does she really know the box. He states nice, is everything fine there.

She states we imagined Vansh is bad, Anupriya is bad. He states I really know Vansh from yrs., he’s a big devil, everybody is his own pawn.

She states I m part of this family (4) as of now, I’ve evidence, there is a box, Anupriya had hidden pictures & CD in it, I don’t really know regarding pics, a boy has been calling her mum in video footage, that boy isn’t Vansh (or) Aryan, I saw her response, maybe we locate Ragini’s fact, I’ll try to gain that box, okay?

Kabir worries. She hears someone coming & states I’ll call thereafter. He gets angry.

He imagines what shall I accomplish, I’ve to accomplish something that no 1 imagined. She imagines to cross any limit to gain the box.

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