Indiawaali Maa 15th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Indiawaali Maa 15 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (15-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Indiawaali Maa 15th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With When the cow sees the tomato, Kaku jokes that Mr. Devi is ashamed, informing that he only met first time due to the tomato, he remembers his own 1st check to the vegetable market.

The cow states that Rohan exists due to the tomato. He informs her he lost her & sees Chinu out the window. He gets tense & wonders why Chinu had come house so quickly.

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The cow informs him not to worry, the door is closed. Kaku states that Chinu has the other key, & she opens up. Kaku states she’ll go using the back door, the cow states there is no back door.

Kaku informs her that she’ll go out the window. Chinu breaks the bell & tries to open the door, the cow stops the door, he requests her for 2 minutes, he shifts the dress.

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He helps the crows leap out of the window & opens the door. He apologizes for being late, informing she’s no issue, he could take his own place.

From that next time, he informs her that as shortly as she breaks the bell, he’s prepared to open the door. He informs her she’s prepared for dinner, & Chinu informs her that she’s not hungry, that she’s not eating.

Kesar Ba informs Rohan that he’s got advance payment for the project. Kaku comes in & requests for it, she congratulates Roha & requests what the job is, when he’s going to tell her.

He states he got the schedule however there is no workplace space, the upfront amount is not sufficient to make the workplace space, the big businesses spend their own amount, however they’ve to accomplish everything with the upfront amount.

Kaku prompts him that the cow going to also face challenges when beginning a business, he’s all the time informing 1 thing, 1 must all the time look ahead in business. Rohan is determined.

Chinu remembers Rohan apologizing & expressing affection, just how Rohan speaks & cries within the workplace today. Rohan is also saddened to have finished this, however he feels that Chinu hasn’t let him go any different way.

Chinu imagines Rohan has made a error & he’s to pay for it. Cow calls Chinu for dinner, however she rejects again. The cow doesn’t even eat & sleep, he snores, Chinu gets irritated & wakes him up. The cow calls Kaku & informs him that in case he sleeps he’ll gain snoring.

Kaku instructs him to put a video clip to the nose. He clips & falls asleep however snores again. Chinu again hears a noise, she tries to wake the cow, however he doesn’t move.

When the cow wakes up & she requests him to take a video clip, he’s snoring because he doesn’t take the tablet, she informs him to come eat, she warms up the meal.

Sending a sms to the cow kaku that Chinu has been so caring, she reminded him of the pills. Kaku laughs in the reading sms.

Chinu states the meal is similar to kaku, the cow who coughs it & requests who the kaku is. Chinu hesitates & informs someone she knows.

She informs him not to give up meal due to her. He requests why she imagined of leaving & informs him to think of him as a dad.

They say personal cause & fix it as a professional reason, they say a human took on their own project & customer. They say 1 must all the time look forward in business.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 15th December 2024 / (15-12-2020)

First episode date: 31 August 2024
Network: Sony Entertainment Television
Number of episodes: 30
Number of seasons: 1
Genre: Drama

Episode Timings On TV:
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Sony Tv: 8:30 pm(IST)

Indiawaali Maa Cast:

    • Suchitra Trivedi
    • Sunil Singh
    • Vandana Lalwani
    • Shrey Mittal
    • Abhinandhan Jindal

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