Iran says UAE cannot be more secure through deal with Israel

Tehran, August 25 : Iran’s foreign minister stated that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can’t becomes extra secure using a previous normalization cope with Israel, Press TV recorded.

“The UAE has changed to Israel to purchase security, awhile Israel is not been able to keep even itself secure,” Mohammad Javad Zarif has been quoted as informing on Mon., Xinhua press agency recorded.

“You can’t be secure in case your neighbors aren’t secure,” Zarif stated, adding that the security of the area must be achieved using close work (5) of the local states.

Cooperation amongst local players would lay a suitable field for improved trade ties & political interaction within the area, that could afterwards be expanded to relations with nations outdoor the area, he pointed out.

Iran has firmly condemned previous settlement between Israel & the UAE to normalize ties.

On Aug 13, Israel & the UAE approached an settlement, brokered by this US, to work (5) towards a “complete normalization of relations.”