Iranian-Canadian Muslim who turned atheist defames Islam, Hinduism

New Delhi(DL): Amidst global Islamophobia, Armin Navabi, an Iranian-Canadian atheist initiated a twitter video footage campaign with hashtag #DesecrateTheQuran.

Within the video footage, the Navabi who has been a Muslim previously is witnessed holding the Holy Quran, tearing pages out of it & afterwards spitting on them, tearing into pieces & throwing them far away.

The video footage garnered large number of twitteratis, majorly from Hindus, who praised his own ‘daring’ act.

The following day he dedicated the other blasphemous act by derogatory Hindu goddesses, namely Durga Ma who’s also called Kali Mata. Although all Hindus venerate her, she’s largest following in WB.

After demeaning Holy Quran, Navabi shamed Hindu Goddesses.

Navabi has his own mom’s photos before & after Iranian Islamic Revolution photos, pinned on his own Twitter account(a/c). The photos got (1) humiliated brutally. The Hindu twitterati have heaped filthiest abuses over her photographs.

In 2012, he founded the on-line society Atheist Republic, a Canada-based non-profit organisation for non-believers.