Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Riddhima Scared For Her Life

The Daily episode begins with Vansh gathering Sunny. He states the day I’d witnessed Riddhima sending the signal by this torch, this master schedule initiated, I understood there is something, she’s some of the partner, so I named you. FB shows Vansh granting amount to Sunny. He states I really know you’re dating Ishani just for amount, keep this amount so that you come in her personal life & leave forever, you’ll have to befriend Riddhima & tell her that the human she has been sending the signal has sent you to support, she wants to really know Ragini’s fact, make her believe that you’ve come to take (2) her to the fact, I wanted Riddhima to really know that killing schedule is functioning. The FB shows the moments. Vansh states she didn’t tell her partner’s name. Sunny states I attempted tough, however she didn’t tell me. Vansh states that’s why, I made your killing schedule so that she gets scared & tries to contact her partner. Sunny acts stabbed to demise.

Angre states afterwards I checked your pulse & announced you passed, why did you inquire me to bury the red diary. Vansh states sometimes we’ve to put the enemy into an illusion that he’s winning, its named the art of war, I wanted Riddhima to gain that diary, afterwards she’ll try to contact her partner, I really know Riddhima isn’t alone in this schedule, someone is behind it, who’s it, its imp to really know, we’ve to catch them together, so that no 1 dares to accomplish this again, Riddhima has sent the diary to a postal address, when her partner goes there to receive it, we’ll really know him & afterwards see mate. Sunny states wow. He claps. Vansh states enemy’s foolishness makes us win, Riddhima imagines that diary going to gain her proof over me, however she doesn’t really know we’ll approach the mastermind by that diary, Riddhima is just a pawn.

Anupriya requests everybody to hurry up. Siya states you seem to have a romantic plan, click pics. Vansh states lots of pics, the day is beautiful, its the last day of your personal life. Riddhima coughs. Vansh states I mean, it’ll be a lovely day, slip of tongue. Ishani imagines you died Sunny, you’re still here, revenge going to gain fulfilled, Vansh won’t leave you. Aryan imagines poverty-stricken Riddhima. Riddhima imagines Kabir would’ve got (1) my parcel. Kabir gets the parcel. He gets the diary & states its jackpot. He states I understood Riddhima going to pass in her mission, its a evidence, she did our work (5). Mishra requests what. Riddhima worries. Dadi states you’re getting a great opportunity to spend time together, you look sad. Vansh states don’t worry, I m here, I’ll end all her sorrow today, I’ll take (2) care of her like the time stops, the in the morning doesn’t happen, Riddhima… take (2) Dadi’s blessings, you’ll want it.

Dadi hugs Riddhima & states I’ve kept a gift for you on the table, see it & you’ll really know all this fact. Riddhima imagines just how to tell you I m so scared. Dadi states Vansh, she’s nervous, take (2) care of her. Vansh states relax Dadi, there won’t be any issue, right Riddhima. Everybody leaves. Vansh goes. Riddhima imagines Vansh has ruled to murder me today.

Vansh shuts the main door. Riddhima imagines I hope Kabir got (1) my sms. She sees the note fell nearby couch. She cries & imagines it means Kabir didn’t gain my sms, he won’t come to safeguard me, what going to happen as of now. Kabir states this is big evidence over Vansh, he wanted to murder Ragini, yes. He kisses the diary. He gets lemon smell. Mishra states maybe the paper is of lemon. Kabir imagines this diary isn’t like it appears, isn’t this a signal. He utilizes lighter to gain the hidden sms. He gets stunned reading…. in case you need to safeguard the lady you sent, afterwards approach VR mansion in 6pm. He states this diary isn’t the evidence, its a trap laid by Vansh, Riddhima’s personal life is now in danger. Vansh blindfolds Riddhima. She states I don’t like such jokes, please delete the blindfold. Vansh states there have been numerous surprises, relax. He deletes it.

She gets stunned seeing her statue. Kabir gets angry & states Vansh has fooled Riddhima & me. Mishra requests what are you informing. Kabir states Vansh scheduled this. He takes the gun & bullets. He states Riddhima doesn’t really know it, Vansh knows everything, he imagines he’ll wound Riddhima, I won’t let this happen. Mishra stops him. Kabir states I don’t care of the risk, I’ll fight demise to gain her out of VR mansion, I could pass away (or) take (2) Vansh’s personal life, nothing going to happen to Riddhima, I m coming. Riddhima recalls Dadi’s words. Vansh states its perfect, as of now this statue became part of this home, forever. Riddhima cries. He states its just like you, there is the other surprise for you. He states as of now I got (1) to really know why citizens say that beauty could take (2) & give personal life. She recalls his own words. She imagines did he decide to murder me.

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