Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 12th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 12 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 12th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Aryan Informing I Had Blended The Powder In Gangajal, Not Vansh. Ridhima States Dadi You Had Given Me 3 Hours, I Have Proved It, Vansh Had Forgiven The Names Of Ishani’s Baby.

Vihaan States Aditya & Sakshi, I Imagined Of These Names, Ishani, When I Has been Recovering In The {Hospital}, I Utilized To Think Of Entire family, I Desired The Baby’s Names To Be Related To Personal life, So I Imagined Dhwani (or) Ankush. Ishani Requests Why Did You Not Tell This Before When I Doubted You.

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Vihaan States It Has been A Big Accuse On Me, I Couldn’t Have Won Anybody’s Trust By Words, It Has been Imp To Expose Those Who Has been Behind It, Everybody Must Really know Where Are The Termites In This Entire family. Aryan States Vansh… Kabir States There Is 1 Extra Accuse.

What Accomplish You Need To Say Regarding The Signatures, Who Practises Own Signatures. Ridhima States Appreciate God, You Have Inquired, I Have An Explanation, You Could’t Inquire Anything As of now.

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Vihaan States In case You Say So. He Shows The Video footage. They Watch Kabir Practising Vansh’s Signatures. Vihaan Recalls Ridhima’s Sms…. See CCTV Footage, Kabir Has Forged The Sign & The Footage Going to Be There.

He States There Is No Question As of now, Kabir Made This Schedule To Prove Me, I Have Given Him A Place By Respecting Dadi & Mom, However He Has Shown His own Fact In Just 2 Days.

Kabir States Dadi… Dadi Slaps Him. She States I Never Imagined They Going to Accomplish This. Kabir States I M Sorry, When I Felt He Is Not Real Vansh, I Imagined He Desires To Harm The Entire family. Aryan States He Is Right. Dadi Slaps Him.

Ishani States This Is Exactly What You Deserve Aryan, You Performed With My Baby’s Personal life To Prove Yourself, I Doubted Vansh. Vihaan Hugs Her & States I Really know Its Not Your Error.

Dadi Apologizes To Ridhima. Ridhima States Your Slap Has been A Blessing For Me, So I Can Prove It In 3 Hours, Forget It.

She Hugs Dadi. Vihaan States I Hope You Are Persuaded That I M Vansh, Kabir Tell Me What Accomplish You Think. Kabir States Vansh… Vihaan States Younger Siblings Call Me Vansh Bhai.

Kabir States Yes Vansh Bhai. Ridhima States We Have been Blamed & Have been Threatened Of Jail, You Both Are The Culprits, So You Deserve The Punishment, Vansh Never Forgives The Culprits, Be Thankful That He Isn’t Sending You To Jail, You Both Going to Be Leaving This Home, Its Vansh’s Call.

Vihaan States I Could’t Tolerate Your Offend, I Going to Drop You Until The Gate, Its My Work As An Elder Brother, Prepared Boys. He Drops Them To The Door & States Chanchal & Anupriya Must Also Go, They Won’t Be Liking It. He States I Know Your Pain, Fine, Here We Go Again.

He Brings Kabir & Aryan Back. He States Its Not Anupriya & Chanchal’s Error, Why Must They Bear Punishment Of Residing Far away From Their own Sons, So I Ruled To Keep Them In House, They Are Tragically A Part Of This Entire family. Dadi Smiles & Hugs Him.

Dadi States This Is My Vansh’s Special Quality, He Maintains Entire family United. Ridhima Stares In Him. Ridhima Shuts The Room’s Door & Scolds Vihaan. She Requests Did You Go Mad To Gain Them Back. She Falls Over Him. They Have An Eyelock. Ishq Mein Marjawan….Plays… He States In case Enemy Is Far away.

We Don’t Really know Just how They Attack, So I Keep My Enemies Close. She Imagines It Has been Vansh’s Habit, Just how Does Vihaan Really know It.

He States Don’t Really know Vansh Stated The Same, I Informed You, Nice Minds Think Alike, Maybe You Like Me, I Don’t Mind, Keep Staring, I Like It. She Gets Far away.

He States We Want Their own Signs On NOC We Did A Favor On Them, Dadi Going to Enforce Them To Sign The NOC, Once I Gain The Property On My Name, Afterwards It Going to Be On Your Name.

We Could Keep An Eye On Them. She Nods. Someone Looks On. She Checks & States Someone Is Maintaining An Eye On Us. He States Maybe Someone Is Mad For Your Beauty. She Requests What. He Leaves.

She States Once Property Transfer Happens, I Going to Gain Rid Of Vihaan As Well. She Sees Someone’s Shadow. She Goes. She Gets A Red Ball & States Jokers Utilizes Some of the Balls. Vihaan & Ishani Have A Talk. Ridhima & Kabir Come. She States I Really know Kabir Did Unfair, He Is Feeling Guilty.

When Vansh Has Given Him The other Opportunity, His own Guilt Must End, Right Kabir, He Desires To Gain On His own Knees & Apologize. Anupriya Holds Kabir. Vihaan States Just Accomplish It Kabir. Kabir Sits Down & States I M Sorry. Ishani States Keep Your Sorry & Remember It.

I Going to Never Forgive You. He Angrily Goes. Ishani States I Going to Not Forgive Ridhima, You Got Him In This Entire family. She Goes. Ridhima Imagines I Have Finished Unfair, I Going to Fix Everything.

Anupriya States Vansh I Want To Talk To You In Private. Ridhima Goes. Anupriya States You Did Right With Kabir & Aryan, You Forgot Your Largest Enemy, That’s Closest To You, Ridhima.

Did You Forget Everything, Why Didn’t You Punish Her, She Had come Here As Spy, She Had Agreed Her Crimes In Front Of Siya, Siya Is In Coma Because Of Ridhima, Don’t Forget It.

He States I Don’t Forget Anything, I Give A Complete Opportunity To Enemy Before Hunting, So I Keep Enemy Close. He Imagines Ridhima Has Finished Numerous Things, I Going to Believe Anupriya As of now.

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First episode date: 13 July 2024

Production location: Mumbai, India

Number of episodes: 63

Directed by: Yash A Patnaik

Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

  • Rrahul Sudhir
  • Helly Shah
  • Vishal Vashishtha

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