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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 (IMM2), 14th October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Ishq Me Marjawan 2 (14-10-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 14th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Vansh informing this is the secret I have been speaking regarding, I named agency & got Badrinath’s pic.

He shows the pic to Kabir.

He states I understood he’s numerous face masks on his own face, its like creating joke of the law, interesting.

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Kabir states I really know I broke the law, you’re the Sunday of the offence globe, & I m just a flickering diya, I really know Ragini’s killing fact, I’ll bring it out.

Vansh requests just how to accomplish you really know, did you leave any spy after me, I don’t care, just I really know the fact, even my spouse doesn’t really know it, so whatever you really know is a misunderstanding, He points gun in Kabir.

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Anupriya worries. Vansh states you could never really know regarding Ragini & my fact.

Ridhima imagines Kabir has been informing right regarding Ragini. Kabir states I m playing this cat & mouse game with you from yrs., come on lets end this, I m not scared of you & your threatening, lets gain over with it.

Vansh states great, those who aren’t scared of me going to gain less today. He loads the gun. Ridhima cries. Vansh states my pleasure, inspector Kabir. Ridhima imagines I don’t really know Ragini’s fact.

I couldn’t let Vansh murder Kabir & becomes an offender, I’ve to block him. Anupriya imagines just how to block Vansh & safeguard Kabir. Ridhima runs & stops Vansh. Vansh requests what are you doing, you’re saving enemy’s personal life.

She states no, I m saving your personal life, he broke law, however he’s a police inspector, you’ll be becoming an offender after killing him & go to jail, the entire family & I’ll bear the punishment.

I couldn’t watch you behind the bars. Vansh states its great that someone cares for me when there have been numerous cheaters. She turns to Kabir & scolds him. Vansh states you must be punished for coming inside VR mansion.

Ridhima imagines what going to Vansh accomplish as of now. Kabir states you, Vansh, you could’t accomplish anything.

Vansh calls commissioner & states my question has been right, Kabir has been here in my home in disguise. Kabir stops & hears him. Kabir states Sir, I m here, I’ll tell you everything.

Commissioner states shut up, you broke the law & defamed the dept., I didn’t expect this from you, you’re discontinued as of now. Kabir gets stunned. Vansh gratitude commissioner & ends call.

Kabir states okay Vansh, I lost my uniform, I didn’t leave my intentions, in case you think you’ll cover up your crimes by getting me discontinued, afterwards you’re unfair, as of now there have been no constraints on me.

I could accomplish whatever I need, I’ll accomplish it, you pointed gun in a police inspector, you’ve becomes a big offender. Vansh states you don’t want to tell me, be thankful that my spouse saved your personal life, best you leave silently.

He requests Aryan to send him. Aryan signs Kabir to leave. Kabir imagines I assure big destruction. Ridhima imagines appreciate God, Kabir’s personal life got saved. Vansh sees everybody.

He states there is a special dinner in our home today, Sejal would be coming. Dadi states you did great, I’ll develop the menu. Vansh states the dinner going to be interesting, numerous secrets going to come out. He goes upstairs. Ridhima imagines.

Sejal comes house. Vansh requests who abducted you. Sejal states he abducted me & tortured me. Aryan states she’s cunning. Sejal states I m not cunning, he attempted to murder me, he stated he’ll murder Ridhima & you.

Chanchal states this didn’t happen, forgive him. Vansh slaps Aryan. Vansh states 1 who frauds me has 1 punishment, demise….. Vansh shoots Aryan. Everybody gets stunned. Chanchal’s dream ends. She wakes up & prays for Aryan. Aryan comes. She hugs him & states I got a bad dream.

Aryan requests did you watch Vansh killing me. She states yes, you’re imp than my jewelry. Aryan states trust me, I m equipped for Vansh’s move. He shows the gun. He states I don’t really know what has Vansh equipped, he could point gun in me like that inspector, I’ll make sure my safety. Vansh plays basketball. Ridhima comes to him.

She requests why, answer me, just how did you gain Sejal, did you abduct her. He states I don’t want to answer you. She takes the ball again. She states I won’t go without getting my answers.

She ties up her hair & tucks the saree. She plays with game. Vansh’s hand touches her waist. Ishq mein marjawan…..plays…. She baskets the ball. Vansh looks in her. She states you’ve to tell me, Vansh. He pushes her over the wall.

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He states you answer me 1st, you’re clever & understood that Sejal is abducted in our home, why didn’t you really know regarding inspector Kabir coming here in disguise, you’re my spouse, you didn’t question him, why.

She imagines Vansh questions on me, it means maybe he knows regarding me & Kabir. He states its impossible for any enemy to enter, unless someone within the entire family is a cheater, come on, sweetheart, don’t take pressure, you’ll really know it on dinner.

Sejal is coming. He smiles & takes the ball to basket it. He goes. She states sweetheart…. Vansh named me sweetheart when he doubted me, what shall I accomplish

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Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 14th October 2024 / (14/10/2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024

Production location: Mumbai, India

Number of episodes: 63

Directed by: Yash A Patnaik

Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

  • Rrahul Sudhir
  • Helly Shah
  • Vishal Vashishtha

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