Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th September 2022 Episode Written Update

Riddhima requesting you here, Kabir. He states I wanted to watch you, when shoot out happened, I has been worried, its all happening due to me, I must haven’t sent you, so sorry. He hugs her. She states its fine, Kabir. He states why did you come in between when bullet has been shot for Vansh, why did you safeguard him. He states you’re applying sindoor & wearing mangalsutra, you think you’re actually his own spouse. She states I’d have finished this for anybody, our motive is to send him behind bars, not to murder him, I’ve witnessed it & got (1) extra curious, I’ve witnessed a yellow gloves person. He states block it, why accomplish you care, let Vansh pass away, it doesn’t issue, you really know why you’ve come here. She states in case Vansh is unfair, that human is also unfair.

He imagines maybe I stated a lot, I’ve to becomes her Kabir. He states I m not proving you unfair, I m just informing that when we target on 2 things, we may fail in both, our target is on Vansh, okay, he’s a offender, he died numerous citizens, who knows, maybe this yellow glove human is a sufferer & had come to murder him. He signs the yellow gloves person to leave. The human runs out. Riddhima states I really know. Kabir states Vansh could gain anybody in his own words, he’ll try to gain your love & loyalty by informing his own sad post, remember he isn’t a great human, however a devil who died Ragini, we’ve to gain justice for her, locate out. She states I’d sent the diary, did you gain it. He states there has been no powerful proof that Vansh died Ragini, we’ve to work (5) tough. He imagines you’re a big fool, you didn’t think Vansh laid the big trap & I’d to tolerate a lot. They hear footsteps. He requests her to go, don’t lose courage. He states I really know we’re far from our success, however I m just so proud of you, whatever sacrifices you made. She smiles & goes. He smiles & states love you….

She imagines of his own words. She imagines he’s right, I must target on Vansh. She collides with Vansh & states sorry. He states I has been in search of you, you didn’t take (2) medicines. She states I’ll take (2). He imparts her medicines. She states you don’t really know anything than threatening & scaring. He states I m requesting you to take (2) medicine because I worry for you. She takes the tablet & gets hiccups. She drinks extra water. He holds her close. She requests what, Vansh…. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

He gets close. He leaves her & states watch, your hiccups suspended, mom states when we shock someone’s mind, hiccups block. Her saree gets stuck there. She requests why did you block me as of now Vansh. Kabir states its not the Riddhima I’d sent, her perception turned towards Vansh, go & watch what she’s doing. Kabir imagines to take (2) his own revenge on Vansh. Vansh states I didn’t block you. She sees the saree stuck & states sorry. She frees it. Vansh states you got (1) habitual to blame me for everything, you want to take (2) rest, else pain going to rise. She requests from when did you begin caring for me. He states you taken my distribute of pain, call it my guilt (or) work.

She states I need to locate the human who shot you, you aren’t trying, you don’t need to really know regarding him. Someone looks on. Vansh states I need to really know, however why accomplish you need to really know regarding the human who shot in me. The human goes. Vansh states I inquired Angre to locate out, & hired a private detective, I worry for family (4), that person entered my home to shoot me, I’ll locate him out. She imagines don’t really know why, I m extra eager to locate that human. Kabir informs some of the schedule. He states our issue going to be solved, all her curiosity going to end. Mrs. D’souza comes to storeroom. She gets stunned. Mrs. D’souza sees his own face & states omg, did you try to murder Riddhima. The human catches her. She imagines to approach Riddhima & tell whose face is hidden behind the mask. Riddhima moves within the corridor.

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